Flora James’ 2 Month Update

Our big baby is growing so fast, I can’t seem to keep up with her clothes – it feels like every few weeks I’m cleaning out her drawers to replace with new clothes from our attic! She continues to be the best baby I could have dreamed for – so content and happy, always smiling and blessing me with so much sleep every night! She’s our little dream boat.

Weight & Length

At our last doctor’s appointment a week ago Flora was 9lbs and we go back again this week for her 2 month appointment. I bet she’s 10 or 11 lbs by now! Can’t wait to see. She’s wearing 0-3 and 3 month clothing and barely fits in any of her little hats!


Flora is still exclusively breast fed and nursing every 2-3 hours during the day, we did introduce the bottle this month! We had a rough start – Austin tried to give her a bottle a few times when I went out local outings (drinks, coffee with friends etc.) and she refused to take it, eventually drinking an ounce or so but screaming the entire time. I started buying different bottles and my mom researched different tactics to try and she successfully gave her one, and we have kept giving her a few ounces every day since and she hasn’t cried once! We are using this Nuk Naturals bottle that I picked up at Target on a whim and I’ve been warming the milk and nipple up. Flora’s still spitting up quite a bit so we are keeping her upright after her feedings for at least 20 minutes.


Flora is still an angel baby, she gets a little fussy during the “witching hour” but besides that she’s usually content most of the day. She’s lifting her head so much, looking all around, tracking us with her eyes and smiling non-stop especially when she sees her sister! She loves looking at Piper and watching her and it’s truly the sweetest thing to witness. She’s getting a little better with tummy time and enjoys laying on her back on her play gym for longer chunks of time.


We are continuing with a loose version of the Babywise method — and I always put Flora down 1-1.5hours after she’s been awake. Our routine looks something like this and we keep doing it over and over until 9pm :)

8:00am – Flora wakes up
8:15am – Diaper change + feeding
8:30am- Swing, hold up right
8:45am – Play on floor mat or do tummy time
9:00am- Diaper change, swaddle and rock to sleep
9:15am -Lay down drowsy but not totally asleep in her crib for nap

If  Flora has a hard time going down for a nap or only sleeps for 10 minutes I just keep going back in and rocking her and laying her down again. If after 3 attempts it doesn’t seem to be working I’ll usually strap her in the Solly and just wear her for a nap. She’s having longer naps in her crib which I’m so excited about! My goal is at least 2 naps a day in the crib.

Flora is still sleeping through the night – I nurse her at 9pm, hold her upright for 20 minutes on my chest and then lay her down in her bassinet around 9:45 or 10pm and most days she sleeps until 8am or 8:30am. She loves to sleep in late in the morning despite all of the noise around here and I often have to wake her up if we have to take Piper to school etc.

What We Are Loving

Here are a few things we are loving in month two with Flora — some repeats from last month and a few new additions.


Finn & Emma Play Gym : We love this because it can move from room to room – right now Flora likes to lay in her Dock-A-Tot under it.

Play Gym Mat: Flora loves to lay on this and look at the different toys and the mirror.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Pathway Diaper Bag: I just started using this and love it! I love the structure of the bag, all of the compartments and how organized it stays. I like how it feels when you wear it as a backpack more than the Fawn bag (it sticks out so far).

SwaddleMe Swaddles: Only swaddle we are using right now but I’m going to be testing several and sharing the results soon!

Cloud Island from Target + Old Navy Sleepers: Flora is in these 24/7 and they are great for night changes.

Blooming Bath Tub: We can’t find our beloved PUJ Tub (the best bathtub for infant until they are ready for the tub) so I picked this one up on a whim at Target and it’s proved to be great for a newborn, I love that its so soft for her right now.

Mustela No Rinse Cleanser: I used this with Piper because she spit up so much and it’s been great again to wipe down Flora with between baths.

Solly Wrap: I’ve been using this daily around the house and when we venture out! I couldn’t live without it.



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