Flora’s 10 Month Update



My little Halloween baby is almost a year! She’s still the happiest, relaxed baby on the block. On the move and wanting to crawl everywhere and loves being close to her sister!


I’m guessing Flora is close to 20 lbs and 28inches long. I just got out all of Piper’s old clothes and feel like there’s nothing for Fall/Winter that fits Flora right now. Poor girl has one cardigan and one sweatshirt! I must have other boxes I can’t find somewhere…She’s wearing 9-12 months and some pants in 12 months already.


We had Flora’s blood work appointment this week and she’s still severely allergic to eggs, peanut, tree nut and milk. She’s also slightly allergic to soy (which can be common because soybeans are in the same legume family as peanuts). We have an in-office food challenge scheduled for December for her to try soy milk and then we also have an egg and milk food challenge scheduled later in the month. We were cleared to try pretty much every food though I’m still super hesitant and nervous to do so!


Flora loves to eat! Despite all of her food allergies this girl will eat anything we give her, except banana so far. I made her butternut squash risotto that she loved and we’ve been working towards chunkier purees and giving her cut up table foods, though I’m still so nervous about this. She loves to eat steamed broccoli and sweet potato and crumbled bites of ground turkey. Still a big fan of PUFFS! Flora still likes to nurse but I feel at times that she’s starting to wean – but she also could just be distracted.


Flora is crawling like crazy and pulling up on everything. She says hi and mama and dada too sometimes. I think she’s started trying to say more. I’m trying to teach her to clap and she’s done it a few times, it’s so cute. Her attention span is so short right now! Whereas just a month ago she’d happily sit moving around blocks for 10-15 minutes now she’ll only be entertained by an activity for a few minutes. Her main goal is to escape wherever she’s sectioned off and to crawl around the house – which is wonderful but also makes getting any work done near impossible unless it’s during her nap! She loves playing with her sister and they way they make each other laugh is just the best! Flora loves splashing in her bath, swinging and going for walks. She has her two bottom teeth and her top two are coming in – so she’s been a little fussy in the past week or so.


Flora is on the same sleep routine for the most part but her naps are tending to be a little shorter. She takes one at 9am and 1pm.  She’s still a go-with-the-flow girl and if I need to have her skip a nap she does OK. Working to get back into our 2hr nap routine though!


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Flora’s 10 Month Update



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