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Instead of incorporating many books & games into my gift guides I decided to dedicate a whole post just to this topic. This year we’ve had a lot of un playing games as a family. Most of these games 2 year olds can play with an adult and at 4 Piper is really loving! We’ve had them all for several years. I also included the new games Piper is getting this year :)

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  1. The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game: This game continues to teach Piper lessons.. she has a hard time with giving all of her acorns away during part of the game but we’ve been working on not always winning with it! Fun for the whole family and great practice of fine motor skills, too!
  2. Frankie’s Food Truck Fiasco Game: Santa is bringing this game for Piper and it looks really fun!
  3. Balancing Boat: This is another one that we’ve had for a few years and Piper has enjoyed playing with in different ways as she’s grown up and can now play as the directions state :)
  4. Snail’s Pace Race: Another one that is fun for the whole family and teaches a good lesson about not always winning !! Flora plays this pretty well with help at 2.
  5. Acorn Soup: My parents are getting this for Flora, it’s for ages 2+ and looks like a great intro to counting game.
  6. Don’t Break The Ice: This is a classic that my girls fell in love with during our trip to California earlier this year, we now play it at least once a week!
  7. Princess Matching Game: Piper just recently got into playing memory and we have been enjoying it together! I love the illustrations in this princess game from Chronicle Books, there are quite a few pieces though so we usually use half of them right now. And there are lots of options besides princess – like the popular “Goodnight Construction Site
  8. Monkey Around: My parents keep this one at their house and it is so much hilarious fun for the whole family!
  9. Bunny Bedtime: This was one of Piper’s first games and its a great ‘make a choice’ game for 2 year olds.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Toddler Games


  1. Janna says:

    Yeti in my spaghetti is also a great game for all ages! If you have multiple kids to play I really like the super simple “Cat in the Hat, I can do that game”- it’s a great physical game for days when you are stuck inside.

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