Holiday Gift Guides: Our Most Used Toys



I’m SO excited to launch my 2021 holiday gift guides with you today!! You may notice these are going up just a little earlier than normal considering it’s not yet Halloween but with longer shipping times and production delays I know a lot of parents are shopping early this year. I’m nearly done myself! You’ll also notice this year I’m going to have a few new gift guides to share, starting with today’s which is jam packed full of the most loved toys in OUR house! I thought this would be fun to do! As always, I greatly appreciate the support when you shop from my affiliate links and earn a small commission when you do so! Happy holiday shopping!

  1. Melissa & Doug Dollhouse: This foldable dollhouse is THE BEST! It’s the perfect neutral backdrop for a DIY (I never got around to this), it’s compact and doesn’t take up much space but my kids still spend hours playing with it. It’s a wonderful first dollhouse that your kids will use for years to come!
  2. Bath Babies: Most loved dolls in our house!! Piper & Flora each have a beloved bath baby (“Clara” and “Bath Baby”) and Alice is getting one from Santa this year. They are designed to get wet and you can take them in the bath, shower or give them sink bath’s of their own! Highly suggest :) Here’s another link in case the Amazon one sells out!
  3. Kinetic Sand: We use Kinetic Sand non-stop in our house for endless hours of sensory fun. I prefer the natural sand to the colored versions that are messier to clean up. We use 2 bags of this size when my gals are playing together.
  4. Dyson Toy Vacuum: This was a Christmas gift a few years ago for Piper and it still gets so much use. It does “turn on” and collect a small amount of dust which makes the child think they are actually cleaning!
  5. Wooden Coffee Set: We’ve had a lot of fun with this coffee maker and use it frequently in imaginative play, creating coffee shops and restaurants! Another link here with more options!
  6. Wooden Cash Register: Same with this wooden cash register, the quality is amazing and it’s such a beautiful toy!
  7. Wooden Babydoll High Chair: We have two of these doll highchairs and they are frequently used with our baby dolls, such a good size!
  8. Unicorn Stable Set: This is a toy the girls always fight over when it comes out, it’s such a beautiful little set for unicorn lovers!
  9. Candy Memory Game: We play this game at my in-laws and I wanted to include it because it’s so fun for the entire family!
  10. Play House: Our playhouse is sold out (It was from Crate & Kids 4 years ago) but this fabric one is similar and more affordable. My girls use it nearly every time they are in the playroom.
  11. Suitcases: Our paperboard suitcases are also sold out but are used EVERY DAY. I never thought they would get so much love!! This set is just so beautiful!
  12. Ikea Play Kitchen: This was Piper’s Santa gift when she was 1 and again, I know I sound like a broken record but they still use it every day. I love how versatile it is. I’ve turned it into a cafe, coffee shop, bakery etc. *You can spend more and order this kitchen from Amazon, with how iffy Ikea’s shipping has been I’d suggest it unless you can go in-store and pick it up!
  13. Strolley: This was a splurge that was worth every penny. We keep it upstairs and it’s out basically every day, now Alice loves to play with it. It’s so pretty and I don’t mind seeing it in the living room :) They also make a beautiful bedding set for it!
  14. Zingo Game: This is Flora’s FAVORITE game and it’s so fun for everyone!!
  15. Wooden Bead Set: This was a beloved gift last year and I’m ordering another version for Piper this holiday season, beading is her favorite thing to do for quiet time.

2021 Holiday Gift Guides



Holiday Gift Guides: Our Most Used Toys



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