Holiday Gift Guides: Unicorn Gift Ideas



I happen to have two unicorn obsessed girls on my hands so this year I thought I’d share a few unicorn gifts in case any of you are in the same boat!! So here you have all of the best unicorn gifts of the year! You can see all of my 2021 gift guides here.

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  1. Unicorn Wooden Stable – Piper got this last year and it continues to be one of the most used toys in our closet and it’s beautiful to boot!
  2. Bead Set – I got this for Piper this year, we’ve used other sets from this brand and they are so cute!
  3. Stuffed Animal
  4. Unicorn Chair
  5. Unicorn Beach Bats
  6. Unicorn Tea Set
  7. Unicorn Rainbow Rush Slide I discovered this late one night while working on gift guides and snagged it for Flora!
  8. Baking Set
  9. Unicorn Slime Set
  10. Xylophone
  11. Puzzle

2021 Holiday Gift Guides



Holiday Gift Guides: Unicorn Gift Ideas



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