How I Organize My Kids Activities



For the last few years I’ve been organizing activities for my kids in these simple plastic boxes. I updated them with clear labels from Magic Playbook this year (just print and adhere with clear contact paper) and keep them in our upstairs cabinet. My kids know they are off-limits and aren’t allowed to get into them!

I try to carve out time every Sunday to plan what I put in the boxes and prepare for the week ahead. This helps me immensely during the week and saves me a ton of time! Thanks to Magic Playbook, most of the kids activities and printables are all ready! I just supplement with a few extra educational activities every week. The activities that I put in these boxes are mainly for Flora who is 3 right now – since my older daughter is doing virtual kindergarten, but she enjoys doing them when she’s on breaks. I do them in the morning after breakfast and playing is over and love have something up my sleeve to keep her busy!

I fill out a planning sheet every week (also available from Magic Playbook) to keep myself organized and also map out what days we are going to use playdough, kinetic sand, water play, water beads, the sensory bin and do art.

I find this method really works well for me because I don’t have to worry about what to do every day and I also don’t feel guilty about ‘not doing enough’ with her. When I go to bed Sunday night I know I have at least 5 fun things planned and ready for the week!

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How I Organize My Kids Activities



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