How To Get Your Nap Routine Back With The Time Change

November 5, 2018

MAMAS – are you struggling like me this week with the time change adjustment??? While our 3 year old seems to be doing OK my sweet Flora is having a rough time. So – here are a few tips from Becca, our resident sleep expert! She’s helped us through some tough sleep times personally and I can’t suggest her services enough! Check out her website HERE

So – you want your nap routine back? Here are some tips!

+If you have a baby 0-5 months old there are no structured nap times yet. I know it’s all you want, but they aren’t ready for it! You’re simply going by their awake windows. (Newborn: 45-60 minutes, 4 Months 1.5 hours, 5 Months 2 hours). You will cycle through the day using their awake windows.

+Rocking the one nap schedule? You’ll also chose to put them down 30 minutes “early” which feels like 30 minutes “later”. Example: Nap is usually at 12:30pm, now 12pm.

After a few days you’ll find your little one is quite able to power through the regular nap time!


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