How To Practice Self-Care During Coronavirus Quarantine



Taking care of ourselves during this quarantine period is SO important. I know it can feel hard to find the time when you’re stuck at home with the kids, especially if you’re also working– but it will save your sanity if you can fit in it. Here are some ideas I’ve crowd sourced from our community and come up with myself!

+Pamper yourself. Naptime, when you’re with the kids, after the kids go to bed. However YOU can fit it in. Give yourself a manicure, take a bath, put on a face mask.

+Light a candle after the kids go to sleep. Bonus points if you’re not pregnant and can enjoy a glass of wine :)

+Take to Youtube and try a hair or makeup tutorial

+My friend Kelly of Ritual Care has a great free self-care tool kit for you here!

+Fuel up on feel good food!! Start the day with a healthy smoothie, keep up your fruit & veggie intake (for the kids, too)

+Get up before the kids for alone time. Work if you need to, exercise, meditate, do yoga. Fill your cup before filling other’s all day.

+Take a BREAK from social media, every day. It will help your sanity!!!

+Keep in touch. FACETIME. So critical right now to keep in touch with friends and loved ones. Start group texts with friend groups. Stay connected.

+Try learning a new hobby in the evenings!!

+READ !!!!

+Get dressed every morning, it will really help give you a sense of normalcy. (I am personally starting this today)

+Use the Calm App

+EXERCISE. A big one!!! If you can get outside daily for a walk or run, do it! There are so many options for exercising online right now, too! See below for more ideas.




How To Practice Self-Care During Coronavirus Quarantine


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