It’s About Time….



If you haven’t noticed, we live in the age of technology. Every day there are new apps or devices to make life easier. My husband works in and loves the IT field and I’m always hearing about the latest and greatest and have even had the opportunity to try some myself. We have devices that track our baby’s temperature and another one that monitors oxygen level while she slept as an infant. Alexa adds things to my grocery list and plays Piper’s favorite song on command. Why on earth did I spend hours upon hours of my life pumping my breast milk on an archaic device that cost over $300 (that my insurance, thanks to Obama care covered entirely) ? Why has technology overlooked the device that millions of women rely on to nourish their babies? When you think about it, it’s really baffling. Pumping is already a PAIN in the ass for most mothers because:

1. It requires an outlet and privacy
2. Requires time away from whatever you’re doing
3. Is a total annoyance to clean
4. It’s loud and not discreet

Thankfully, it seems like things are changing. Slowly, but surely they are changing. There is a groundbreaking new breast pump about to launch in the Spring. I think it will change the lives of SO many women and allow them to pump longer than they would have before or allow women to pump who would have given up breastfeeding when going back to work. Medela has also come out with a new model, while no where near the same does seem far better than the version I have.

Here’s to progress!

The Willow

Hands-free and wearable – you just stick it in your bra! There are no wires or tubes to deal with. It’s quiet, cleaning is easy. It also syncs to an app on your phone to track how much you pump. This revolutionary pump isn’t for sale yet but you can get on their email list for when it is this Spring. It will retail for $430

Medela Sonata:

Connects to an app on your phone – so you can easily track pumping and feeds. It’s lightweight. Cleanup is easy. It’s Medela’s “quietest” pump.

Cost: $399




It’s About Time….



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