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Today I’m really excited to share an idea I’ve been working on for a while. One of my favorite posts to write for The Mama Notes (and yours to read apparently) are posts that share crowd sourced information from other mamas — for example 50 tips for traveling with kids, tips for preparing your first born for a new baby and 12 tired moms share their favorite concealers.  I’m only one mother and I can only share my own personal experience. I realize there are soooo many other opinions, tips,  pieces of advice and product experiences I can share. I can only test so much baby and kid gear myself!

Right now I usually ask mamas in The Mama Notes Facebook group (join here) for feedback on posts I’m writing or email an on-going list of people I reach out to but I thought there had to be an easier way to collect information for more mothers. And I know there are so many mamas out there who want to share their experiences and insight! I see so many of you commenting and sharing your opinions in various Facebook groups — but I know that together we can form a larger community and share those insights with the entire Mama Notes readership. When I’m looking up baby products — like diaper rash cream for example, I don’t want to just hear one person’s favorite I want to know what are the top three creams most mamas rely on? So the idea of The Mama Notes Inner Circle was born! My friend came up with the name and I think it’s pretty genius. I have lofty goals and hopes for this group but to start things will be very simple.

Opt in here to be a part of The Mama Notes Inner Circle email list. Don’t worry, we won’t be bombarding you with emails. Once or twice a month we’ll be sending out an email with either a link to a quick survey to get your opinions and insight or a question you can simply respond to by hitting REPLY to the email. And I’m working on ways to incentivize this group, to thank you for taking the time to share with us! There will be special giveaways every month for everyone that participates, opportunities to test products, get beauty samples and more.




Join The Mama Notes Inner Circle!


  1. Juana Maria says:

    Love what you are doing with your site. Would love to collaborate someday. #womenhelpingwomen #mamasaurnation 😘💕

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