Kid Friendly Wineries In The Napa Valley

Baby Friendly Wineries In Napa Valley

Family Friendly Wineries

Family Friendly Wineries In Napa

Kid Friendly Napa Wineries

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I’ll admit the idea of traveling to wine country with a baby isn’t all that appealing — we are so grateful to be able to travel to this beautiful place to visit family and are obviously excited to have Piper in tow but if you’re planning a family vacation the Napa Valley may not be the first place to come to mind. There are plenty of kid friendly options in the area so you shouldn’t let yourself feel limited if you find yourself in wine country with your baby! We’ve been out twice so far with Piper and visited wineries each time – today I’m sharing a few of our favorites that won’t make you feel uncomfortable if you’re trying to taste your wine while entertaining a little one !

Mumm Napa – We love to visit Mumm and sit outside to take in the gorgeous view. Because there are plenty of tables on the patio its a more relaxed environment and you can do your tasting at the table or enjoy a glass of bubbly. There are plenty of places to take a walk with a restless little one- Piper had a lot of fun walking around with us and exploring. 

Frog’s Leap – Such a beautiful setting with plentiful tables outside and beautiful gardens to explore! Do a tour! 

Artessa – We love to make the trek to Artessa for the stunning panoramic views of the valley. Again – outside space is key when you’re tasting with kids, no stuffy tasting rooms. There are beautiful fountains and plenty of space for your family here. 

Caymus Vineyards– We visited Caymus for the first time this past summer with Piper in tow and she did great. It’s such a beautiful space and Piper really enjoyed walking through the different tasting areas, gardens and looking at the fountain. We had a big table which gave her space 

Here’s a larger list provided by the Napa Valley Vintners Association 

And a few tips when traveling with your kids to wineries in the Napa Valley:

  • Make reservations – less waiting time = less time for them to get cranky. 
  • Bring a bag of activities — books, crayons, small toys etc. 
  • Don’t forget hats & sunscreen as most of the places I’ve listed are outdoors! 
  • Be sure to taste with a partner who can help watch your child – it definietly takes two if you want to be able to somewhat enjoy your tasting! 




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    August 18th, 2016 at 12:32 pm

    So cute! Great ideas, lady!