Most Popular Educational Apps For Pre-Schoolers



Screen time, I think it’s a pretty popular word amongst parents right now – at least in our household. Prior to being quarantined for over a month we had pretty good screen time limits in place and I felt good about our routine. But, things have changed just a little bit with two parents working from home and we’ve definietly been giving screens to our kids much more than we are all used to. I’ve been downloading new apps left and right and turned to The Mama Notes Community for some advice on educational apps you love! I’ve compiled all the results below and also included the apps we like. Another great resource is Common Sense Media’s list which is a trusted resource for guidelines on screen time and reviews of media for kids.

For a big list of other resources online to access (for free) during quarantine at home with toddlers check this post out.

Khan Academy: We just started using this a few weeks ago and Piper loves it! It’s for ages 2-7 and focuses on making literacy, reading, writing and math fun. Cost: Free

Duck Duck Moose: So far we love Word Wagon from Duck Duck Moose which allows kids to pick an item off a conveyor belt and learn how to spell it, sounding out each letter. They have a ton of educational options that look really fun! Cost: Free

PBS Kids: We’ve used this one for a long time which includes the ever popular Daniel Tiger app amongst sooo many others!

Homer: An early learning program for ages 2-8 that focuses on reading and stories. Cost: $8/Month

ABC Mouse: You’ve probably heard of this one due to extensive advertising, it’s for ages 2-8 and uses a level based system with a full online learning program. Cost: $9.95/month and offering a free 30 day trial right now.

Sago Mini: Sago’s games are focused on imaginative play with dozens of games on one app. I’ve heard a lot of parents love Sago Mini but we haven’t tried it yet. Cost: $7.99/month and offering a free month trial right now.

Endless ABC & Endless 123: Lots of moms suggested these apps from Originator Kids. I’m going to download and test them out this week! Cost: $8.99 each

Highlights Hidden Puzzles App: Piper loves these hidden puzzles from the magazine (and books we get) and I just got this app for her. Cost: $2.99/month with free month trial.

Little Writer: My sister (a kindergarten teacher) suggested this app for Piper to practice with letter formation and we’ve been using it for a few weeks now. I love how simple and straight forward it is. Cost: .99

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Most Popular Educational Apps For Pre-Schoolers


  1. Lesley says:

    Thanks for the list. Which does Flora seem to like most? Having a 2.5 yo makes it hard to really figure out if these apps are worth it or not, despite how they say appropriate for age 2-…

    • admin says:

      Right now Flora really only likes to look at photos on my phone ( I have an album for her) and use PBS Kids apps. I haven’t really started giving her the iPad on her own yet.

  2. Katie says:

    so helpful!!! Excited to try Duck Duck Moose. Our son struggles when there are a lot of ads and many blogs post about slightly older kids so it is such a blessing to have activities and Mom Notes for his age !

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