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Lara Ramos

Having women in your circle that are new moms as well is such an incredible thing- not only is does it give you a sense of support, but they are there to chat with about the exciting things, the nerve wracking things, and everything in between. Lara is the lady behind the popular beauty blog, The Glossarie, as well as a working mom, and mother to the cutest little girl- Louisa. It was so fun hearing what Lara had to say about what products she loved during pregnancy, where she shops for Lou, and what her daily beauty routine is. Read the Q&A below to find out what she said to those questions, as well as many more. Enjoy! 

As a beauty blogger you must have an arsenal of products that helped you throughout pregnancy and those early months of motherhood?

Since it’s a whole new category to me, I think I have been more curious about baby/kids skincare than anything else. Louisa’s skin is super sensitive so it’s been difficult finding things to keep her from having any outbreaks. Our favorites are Yes To Baby Carrots Face Wipes, Cetaphil Restoraderm lotion (I rub her down head to toe after every bath!), Boudreaux’s Baby Kisses (essential for cold season when her little nose gets all red), and Beautycounter’s Kids line (we use the bath wash and the shampoo – I love the scents!).

What websites, blogs, books or apps do you like to read/use about motherhood or kid/baby?

For blogs, I love The Glow, Cricket’s Circle and Mother. I also swear by this baby book called The New Basics. It’s written by an NYC pediatrician and I reference it weekly for things like rashes, tantrums – it’s my bible and I have gifted it to every pregnant person I meet.

Favorite places to shop for kid & baby?

I am newly obsessed with this kids’ consignment app called Kidizen. Lou is in the toddler phase of life and it’s impossible to keep her clothes looking nice. I’ve been able to sell things of hers and get some major deals on everything from winter jackets to everyday play dresses. I mix in staples from Old Navy (their leggings are a must!) and I buy almost all of her more special outfits from Tea Collection.

How do you find balance in your day now that you’re a mom?

I am incredibly lucky to be able to work full-time from home. Louisa has been in daycare since February and while it’s a massive expense (seriously, it’s insane) I know that it’s crucial for both of us. She gets wonderful education and dedicated attention at school, and I have a quiet house to focus on my career that I love so much. Don’t get me wrong, I still scramble to get all of my professional and personal things done, but knowing that Lou is being well cared for means that I can truly focus and maximize each workday.

What aspect of motherhood made you most nervous?

I feared the early days, after my mom left. She came down from Massachusetts when I went into labor and stayed for a week. I remember crying after she went home and telling my husband that two parents are not enough, clearly we need a third person! Could he call my mom to come back? But in truth we managed just fine. It was good to get into a rhythm just the two of us with Lou and now those days are some of my most precious memories of us starting out as a little family.

How has being a mom changed your personal style and beauty routine?

Ha! I never used to leave the house without at least a little CC cream and blush, now I regularly do daycare drop off in an embarrassingly dirty ponytail and an unwashed face. It’s shameful! I have become so much more comfortable with my bare skin (uneven tone, dark circles and all) and my hair’s natural texture, not because I don’t have the time to do it, but because I would rather spend that time with her than standing in front of the mirror.

How do you treat yourself and relax?

Yoga is my indulgence. I did it twice a week during my pregnancy and now I crave it constantly. It’s the one thing that relaxes my mind and gets my body moving. I’d say a weekly class along with the occasional pedicure – oh, and a constant supply of prosecco.

What’s the best piece of advice you can think of for a new mother?

Trust your instincts and try to block out all of the other advice and noise. At the same time, it’s important to rely on your “village” of supporters. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Also, let your partner get involved as much as they care to. As moms we tend to want to do it all, but it’s important that they get comfortable with this little person from the beginning, too.

What do you love most about being a Mom?

Oh gosh, you’re going to make me cry! I don’t talk about this too much, but we had fertility struggles in conceiving Lou. Now that she’s here, I have this intense feeling of completeness that I can’t describe. It’s like she’s my purpose and I’m so grateful for her. I’m obsessed with every part of motherhood – and I love seeing my parents as grandparents. That has been really special.

What do you look forward to the most in the upcoming years of motherhood?

I try to enjoy every phase, but these early toddler days are tricky! I can’t wait until she can communicate with us (I’m dying to hear what her little voice will sound like!) and all of the assuredly funny things she will say. My husband and I are also excited to show her all of the amazing things that DC has to offer – history, museums, etc. – when she is old enough to appreciate them, or at least roll her eyes at us for dragging her to all of them.

What’s your everyday beauty routine?

I cut my hair washing down to twice per week and Living Proof products are a godsend for keeping my hair looking good in-between. I use their “Full” line and it’s amazing. I use One Love Organics Rose Clay Sponge each morning and I’m newly in love with Caudalie Reservatrol Lift Moisturizer. It’s oil free and keeps my skin bright and clear. On a given day, my face is admittedly bare, but when I have Skype meetings or just want to feel like a human I use BareMinerals Complexion Rescue and their new Serum Concealer. I put Stila Aqua Glow Blush on the apples of my cheeks with a stippling brush, run Hourglass Brow Pencil through my arches and apply Mark Terra Hotta All Butter Lip Treat.

You have 10 minutes to yourself — how do you spend it?

Definitely online shopping – at my kitchen counter with a latte.




Motherhood with Lara Ramos


  1. Megabrooke says:

    Love this so much! Lara is an old friend of mine from childhood- love hearing about motherhood (and beauty!) from her! xo

  2. Love this! Lara and Lou are just the best.

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