My 5 Favorite Belly Oils For Pregnancy

The Best Belly Oils For Pregnacy

As soon as I found out I was pregnant I began religiously using belly oils – I’d aim to apply them twice a day (sometimes it was just once) and although stretch marks are hereditary I swear it helped the elasticity of my skin. I ended my pregnancy with no stretch marks in site and using oils during the last stretch helped avoid itchy, uncomfortable skin. I tried a ton of different oils, as an editor for a website I get so many samples in the mail so it was really fun to figure out what I liked, what worked and what didn’t! Today I’m sharing a few of my favorites and why. 

Mother’s Special Blend All Natural Skin Toning Oil ($14.66): This is the first oil I tried, I ordered it on Amazon the week I found out I was pregnant. I love the scent but it’s so thin that it is a little messy to apply and takes a while to absorb – that being said I love the way it made my skin feel so I did use up the entire bottle despite these things. 

Zoe Organics Belly Oil & Belly  Butter ($16.99 each): I’ve really enjoyed all of the Zoe Organics products I’ve tried- the belly oil was one of my favorites and I went through it really quickly. I also loved  the Belly Butter – specifically after I would shower. It’s really, really thick and takes a while to apply but it’s worth it! When I traveled I always took this with me so I wouldn’t have to worry about the oil leaking. 

Mustela Stretch Marks Care Oil ($30): This oil is the priciest of the bunch but for good reason — it absorbs QUICKLY and has a super light formula. It’s definietly the most fragranced/perfumed of those that I tried but I actually enjoyed the scent! 

Earth Angel Mama Baby ($14.99): Another great option, especially if you’re looking for organic and natural products to use while pregnant. It does take a bit of time to absorb but I loved the light fragrance. 

Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Nourising Body Oil ($7.99): An oil with a great price point – it’s a thicker formula which made it easy for me to apply and I enjoyed using this on my arms, legs and in my bath too. 



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