My Clean Eating January Challenge



If you follow me on Instagram stories you’ve probably noticed I started a clean eating challenge for the entire month of January. I haven’t done any type of diet or restriction in 6 months (remember I went dairy & soy free for a year while breastfeeding) and my routine was in dire need of a healthy reset. I’m avoiding dairy, gluten, sugar and alcohol (however I’m allowing myself a glass on Fridays if I want it, haven’t yet).  Today I’m sharing a few tips for starting a clean eating routine and later this week I’ll be sharing my favorite meals, what I stock our kitchen with and my weekly detox bath routine.

So, here are a few tips if you want to embark on a clean eating challenge!

  • Prepare for the challenge a week before you start. Start organizing your recipes, planning your meals and trying to eat healthier – this way your new diet won’t be such a shock to the system.
  • Give yourself a time frame — I work so much better with parameters. Knowing when this cleanse will officially end makes each passing day easier to get through.
  • The first week is the hardest, then it gets much easier!
  • Plan weekly treats for yourself — a long yoga class, coffee with friends — or my personal favorite, fresh juice.
  • Splurge on fancy tea – I sip it around the clock when I’m doing a cleanse and stock up at Whole Foods and our local tea shop for loose tea. I love sipping an extra hot cup of chamomile & lavender before bed at night and look forward to it every evening.
  • Become a master at meal planning. I use this notepad and plan out all of my meals and snacks for the entire week.
  • Food prep in advance when you can. I like to roast up veggies & cook meat for the week if I can on Sunday or Monday evening.
  • Try to plan a well rounded, balance of meals — I like to mix up having soups, lean protein and veggies with more comforting meals like curries, brown rice pasta dishes and stir fry.
  • Here are some of my favorite websites for inspiration: Goop, Love & Lemons, Naturally Ella 




My Clean Eating January Challenge


  1. Kelly says:

    What a gorgeous way to start the year! I was on a vegan diet for years, and always try to check my gluten intake. But since we’ve become a French-American household, cheese, baguettes (and, yes, wine) still seem to reign supreme. It’s a good thing that our household loves green juice! Moderation is always key for me, though I love a good elimination day or two (or sometimes more). The beauty of balance!

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