My Daily Routine With 2 Kids



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sargento®. The opinions and text are all mine. 

 It’s been a whiiiiiile since I shared a peek into what a day looks like around here. Now that we are 18 months into the 2 kids thing I’m kind of settling into a routine. We have been eating Sargento® products for as long as I can remember and then once Piper discovered string cheese even more so – which has always been one of my favorite snacks, too!

Sargento recently came out with these ‘balanced breaks’ that I’ve been hooked on. They fuel me up when I need a quick snack – since I’m always on the go these days. I love the different flavor combos and that they are sweet and savory and packed with protein. You can find them in the dairy aisle at Harris Teeter!

Ok – so here’s a real peek at into a day in our life right now. Most days ARE usually different because Austin’s schedule is always changing, so there isn’t much consistency aside from Piper being in school MWF. This is a look at a typical Wednesday in our house!


Our day starts! I was waking up at 5am for a while and quite honestly, I need to get BACK into that routine. It was so nice to have alone time for a little bit but these days I’m staying up late working and sleeping in until my Flora alarm goes off. Flora is usually happy in the mornings – but can also be fussy if she’s not had enough sleep. I give her a sippy cup of milk as soon as she wakes up and a cup full of cheerios or puffs. She will typically quietly hang out with me while I make coffee and work at getting my posts + social media live for the day. She usually needs my attention and likes to be held or cuddled. It’s sweet and I like starting the day off this way.

I rarely make a full breakfast for myself — usually its yogurt or a bagel so I’ve been grabbing one of the Sargento® Sunrise Balanced Breaks to have when I take Piper to school or munch on while I get my morning work done.

Piper is pretty consistent with a 7am wake up these days – and as soon as she gets up Flora is ready to PLAY. Piper likes to also have her milk IMMEDIATELY and then she’ll also usually sit at the table and eat some sort of granola bar.

Austin and I try to take turns getting up with Flora which is nice. When Piper gets up one of us will start getting our self ready for the day. I made this change about 6 months ago and LOVE getting that alone time, putting on my makeup etc.

By 7:30am it’s time to make breakfast for the girls. Something quick and easy and then Piper gets herself dressed. Austin usually takes Piper to school on his way to work on Wednesdays and they leave at 8:30.

This is my golden time to work (besides nap time) and I like to give Flora a busy box or activity to occupy her, so I can get some things done before lunch. If I’m filming a video or trying to shoot content I like to do it now so later in the day I can focus on tasks that I need to sit at my laptop for. I’ve recently started taking a barre class and LOVE IT. I like taking the 9:45am class and Flora goes to the kid care there. I throw a water bottle and Sargento Balanced Break snack or cheese stick into my bag. When I’m done with barre I’m always STARVING. Also – you’re in luck! From 5/29/19 – 6/25/19, you can save $0.75 on Sargento snacks at your local Harris Teeter!

Then we come home and play a little before lunch and Flora’s nap. On Wednesday’s I pick Piper up from school, so I like to get Flora down by 12pm so she can get a full 2 hour nap and I don’t have to wake her up.


School pick up! Ever since I was pregnant with Flora I got in the habit of bringing either a seltzer or iced coffee and snack in the car for myself. I also listen to a podcast during this 1 hour round trip pick up! It makes it more of a little self-care time than an annoyance. All about perspective, right? Lately I’ve been grabbing the Sweet Balanced Breaks to curb my sweet tooth or a granola bar. I usually bring a string cheese and granola bar for Piper. We got into the routine of having a snack in the car when she’s picked up and god forbid you forget it!!!

We get home a little before 4pm and we almost always either play outside, go for a walk or play down in the playroom until 5pm. I’ve learned that I need to start dinner by 5pm in order to get Flora to bed at 6:30. I also attempt to have the girls clean up our living space before dinner, so I’m not stuck doing it after they go to bed!


After an easy dinner – it’s bath time for both girls. Now that they take a bath together it’s so much easier. I swear they could play in there for an hour. Flora goes to bed at 6:30/7 depending on how cranky she is, and we usually try to read books together first. And Piper gets a little alone time before going to bed around 7/7:30 after an extensive book marathon and 5 trips to the bathroom.


Then I typically pour myself a glass of wine, clean the kitchen and crack open my laptop and work from 8-10pm. And then I go to bed!!! I need to start reading before bed again but I’m always so tired by the time I’ve finished working. The days are long, but the years are short…….so cliché and true.

Time to get up and do it all over again!

Thank you to Sargento® – a brand we love and eat all the time for sponsoring this blog post.




My Daily Routine With 2 Kids


  1. I love reading about the daily routines of other mamas! The way each of us balance the chaos can be so inspiring. I just posted about my morning routine with my 18 month old and 4 year old, because some mornings it truly feels like a miracle making it out the door!

  2. Ashley says:

    Thanks for sharing!! I really enjoyed this :)

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