My Favorite Postpartum Sleepwear



Anything to make postpartum more enjoyable….am I right? I’ve shared all of my postpartum essentials here – but today I’m sharing SLEEPWEAR! I really wish someone told me to stock up on cozy, nursing-friendly PJs before I had my first baby. It would have made those first few weeks so much easier in the middle of the night when I was digging through my laundry piles trying to find something without leaked milk or spit-up on it that I could nurse in. Here are a few tried & true favorite posptarum PJs.

  1. Black & White Short Set: I got these for Mother’s Day and am so impressed with how soft and cozy they are. I would say size UP. The large barely fits with my bump! These come in multiple colors.
  2. Plum Pretty Sugar Shortie Set: Plum Pretty Sugar holds the record as my favorite ever PJ brand – the designs are just all so beautiful. I have a shortie set for nursing that again, I’ve had for years and is out of stock but they have a bunch on sale for $20!
  3. Grey Nightshirt: This nightshirt has hundreds of positive reviews, it’s on my wishlist if I find myself needing any more PJS!
  4. Eberjay Short Set: These were a gift a few years ago, and I love the quality of Eberjay. The price tag is steep at first but they really do last for years, I’ve had several pairs. I’ve shown a few alternates that are more affordable in the post!
  5. Lake Nightgown: I’ve professed my love for Lake PJs many times on this blog and I can’t say enough good things. They quality is unparalleled – they are like new wash after wash, no pilling (even after several years) and are just so soft and cozy. I was so excited when they debuted their maternity collection!!
  6. Blue & White Striped PJs: These are a more affordable option to Eberjay and I love the stripes!
  7. Striped Nightshirt: Treated myself to this new nightshirt, it’s so soft and cozy!
  8. Floral Short Set: I’ve had these for a few years, I got a size large and they are nice and roomy after washing many times. GREAT quality!




My Favorite Postpartum Sleepwear



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