My Top 5 Infant Essentials

April 10, 2018

If you’re wondering what you should put on your registry or order from Amazon before your bebe arrives here are the 5 things I haven’t been able to live without in the first few months with a baby!

Sound Machine:  Hands down one of the most important things to have before your baby is born! Every sleep expert and website or book will tell you the same. We have this one in Piper’s room and this one in our room with Flora.

SwaddleMe Swaddles: After attempting to use a swaddle blanket with Piper the first few days and subsequently trying every swaddle under the sun we quickly discovered SwaddleMe were our favorite. We didn’t even attempt the blanket with Flora and went right to the SwaddleMe.

Aquaphor/Zoe’s Organics All Over Balm/Honest Everything Balm: These are my favorite balms for just about anything under the sun, scratches, diaper rash etc. I always try to use organic and natural when I can, and when all else fails Aquaphor does a great job at clearing things up.

Rock & Play: Like most parents, I agree the RNP is a savior in the first few months. I’ve never heard of a baby not liking the Rock & Play and it soothes most to sleep :) It’s also a great safe place to rest your baby while you wash your hands, use the bathroom etc. I honestly don’t know what we’d do with out it!

Baby Wrap: We love the Solly, but it may take some trial and error until you figure out what wrap you like best. Once I got Flora in the Solly wrap my life was changed! I could walk around and take care of things in the house, do laundry, eat, etc. while wearing her. Highly suggest getting a wrap before you give birth and practice tying it. I love the Solly for the newborn phase because it’s super soft and your baby can cuddle close next to you.

Honorable mentions:

Dock-A-Tot (just now using it a lot at 3 months), BabyFrida nail clippers & file are the only way I’ll trim the girls nails (highly suggest putting the file in your hospital bag), Mustela No-Rinse Cleansing Water is a gentle way to clean baby’s skin before you can give a full bath and we continue to use it between baths now!




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