Newborn Favorites: The First 4 Weeks



I’m sharing some of the products we’ve been loving since we came home from the hospital with Alice, our 3rd baby!

For Baby:

Halo Bassinet with Newborn Insert: Alice has been loving her bassinet! We’ve used this with all 3 of our babies and the newborn insert is SO helpful in making them feel cozy and secure in those early weeks.

Nuna Leaf Seat: I love the sleek design and gentle swinging motion this seat provides. We keep it on the end of our counter and Alice happily sits in it and feels like she’s part of the commotion in the kitchen and will also nap here! Again, we’ve used this with all 3 babies!

Graco Swing: Hands down the best place to put our baby when we need our hands free now that the Rock & Play is no longer with us (RIP). It is a bit large and takes up some floor space but all of our girls have LOVED it! Perfect spot for those newborn naps!

SwaddleMe Swaddles: Our favorite for middle of the night changes – they keep baby so tight and secure! And I just started using & loving our Ollie swaddle, too!

Colugo Complete Stroller: This is the stroller we’ve been using with Alice, we love that she can completely recline and that it will grow with her. We also have a car seat adapter (though we haven’t gone anywhere yet with her that requires a stroller)! It also rides SO nice!

Stroller Fan: Not sure how we lived without a stroller fan for our other summer baby but this has been a gem on our walks and for nursing in the yard.

Boppy: I did away with my BreastFriend pillow this time around and returned to my roots with the Boppy. It’s just so easy to use!

Hello Bello Diapers: I signed up for a subscription with Hello Bello when quarantine started and diapers and wipes were hard to come by. We’ve been really happy with them so far and the girls love all the fun designs! Use my code to get $15 off your order!

Sprout Baby App: I use this app religiously to track feedings and will start to use it to track sleep here soon when I start working to get Alice on a better daytime schedule! It syncs to both Austin and my phone and our iPad too, which is nice.

Numpfer Blanket: Our very favorite baby blankets. I love them for swaddling, using in the stroller and for simply getting cozy with the baby. They are so soft and organic!

For Mom:

Lansinoh Milk Catcher: I used this when I was engorged and still frequently pop it on the opposite side of that I’m nursing from.

Target Baskets: I’ve loved using these sturdy baskets for my breast pump supplies and my bedside table, they work great!

Amazon Tunic Tees: These are so perfect for postpartum, long and loose and super soft. I’ve been wearing them with leggings and biker shorts.

Target Denim Shorts: The best postpartum shorts for when you leave the house! They have stretch and a nice high-waist.




Newborn Favorites: The First 4 Weeks



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