Our DIY Ikea Billy Bookcase Built Ins



I’m SO excited to finally share our DIY Ikea billy bookcase built in shelving with you all! It’s hardly a DIY – we didn’t do anything custom to these shelves they are simply Ikea Billy bookcases put together in away that creates somewhat of a built-in look. Truth be told – we aren’t even done with tbe ‘built in’ part. We are going to add some trim up top to take the unit all the way to the ceiling.  It’s just crazy how these super simple Ikea Billy Bookcases have totally transformed our space. We have a long wall that spans the width of our house where our family + dining area is and these Ikea Billy bookcases really help define the two spaces. They give me so much room for books + styling + a TON of toy storage. I haven’t even embarked on organizing the storage yet, but there’s so much that its not even halfway full right now! The best part of the project is how easy and affordable it is. We spent under $500 on everything and I put it all together myself – it took a few hours during nap time to get most of it done and then I took my time attaching the doors since that was the most tedious part. Austin attached the shelves to the wall.

PS – see our full living room makeover post HERE!

So – here’s how I tackled the project. I measured our space – thankfully the entire setup fit between our floor vents. I mapped out what I wanted and did a quick mock-up (shown below).

We used:

-2 of the standard size Billy Bookcases,
-2 height extenders to take them closer the the ceiling
-2 of the lower height Billy Bookcases
-Then we bought cabinet doors for all of the lower shelves + these black knobs! (These knobs were sold out at the time & what I originally wanted.)

That’s it. So easy. And now that Ikea delivers for $30 it was even EASIER! I ordered it all online! We did have to cut the back of the far left shelf to do the wiring for the TV but since there’s a cabinet door you can’t see it. We also haven’t yet mounted the TV but hope to do so soon!

ikea billy bookcase built ins




Our DIY Ikea Billy Bookcase Built Ins


  1. Carrie says:

    OMG it looks AMAZINGGGG!!! You did such a great job, and I’m blown away by how affordable it was, too. So good!

  2. this is amazing, I plan to buy this exact set-up soon, thanks for making it so simple!

  3. Kaylyn Weir says:

    This is fabulous! I have wanted to do a billy bookcase hack for our media room. We have a long, boring wall that needs some love! Out of all my research, yours is by far one of my favorites. I cant wait to get it started now! Thank you so much for sharing your pictures with us!

  4. Barbara says:

    Love the project!
    May I ask what the total height of your room is?
    Also love the rug, would you share where it’s from?

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  6. Liz says:

    Hello dear Mama, I think you have the solution I’ve been looking for like forever. I have a 230 cm wall, I need a lot of storage, and I like to keep the mess out of view. After looking at very fancy very expensive options, your way at it is just super easy and classy. THANK YOU!

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