Our New Obsession: Munchkin’s LATCH Collection



Munchkin's LATCH Collection

I think all moms will agree — lack of time is something we all suffer from. Whether it’s not enough hours in the day to walk the dog or empty the dishwasher — or just simply spend with your child playing, uninterrupted. I’m always looking for products that will help save me time and allow me to get everything done in my day and even have a few minutes for myself. 

Thank you to Munchkin for sponsoring this post — a brand we use and love! 

Munchkin's LATCH Collection

Munchkin’s LATCH collection does just that — offering a line of bottles specifically designed to transition from breast to bottle and back. They have been incredibly helpful with our day-to-day situation, since 3 days a week Piper is fed bottles of my milk from her nanny, then nurses with me morning and night. The bottles have an accordion-style nipple unlike anything I’ve seen that stretch to mimic the natural breast. Because it’s flexible, it moves with your baby allowing her to keep her latch and take in less air. We are big fans. 

Munchkin's LATCH Collection

Munchkin's LATCH Collection

What was even a little more exciting for me was discovering Munchkin LATCH Pump Brushes  — WHY didn’t I find these sooner?! Finally an easy, quick & effective way to clean all of my pump parts! Pumping is one of my least favorite parts of breastfeeding — but this makes it a bit more manageable. I also love the LATCH microwave sterilizer bags which are much easier to zip close and have a steam guard unlike other bags on the market we’ve tried. I’ve burnt my hands far too many times on the hot water and steam and exclusively use these now for sterilizing my pump parts. 

Munchkin's LATCH Collection

Motherhood is a lot of trial and error… especially when it comes to testing out products to discover what will work for you family and baby. I’m glad we discovered Munchkin LATCH’s Collection since it just works for us and saves me time…. which allows me to have more ‘me time’ which I find crucial to being a good mother. 

Finding Time For Yourself

Like…..drinking a glass of rosé and catching up on magazines and books after Piper goes to sleep….. NOT working! 

Finding Me Time

Or arranging flowers in my office, just for fun! 

Images by Anna Reynal 




Our New Obsession: Munchkin’s LATCH Collection



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