Piper’s 15 Month Update

November 17, 2016

Piper's 15 Month Update Piper’s wearing a Zara tee, Target Cat & Jack leggings and Joyfolie boots.

It’s been far too long since I’ve shared an update on Piper! If you follow along on Instagram you’ve probably seen my stories of her just about every day… but if not here’s a little recap of what she’s doing and loving these days. I always thought I’d stop the monthly updates after she turned one but I think they are fun to go back and read.


LENGTH & WEIGHT: Finally, finally our girl is 20 lbs!! She’s 30 inches long and finally out of the bottom percentile for her height — she’s still in the 5-15% for weight but had a growth spurt and got a little taller. Yay!

SLEEP: Piper’s still taking two naps most days. We’ve been struggling with her morning wake ups since the time change and even a little before — she’s been getting up between 5-6am, when for the past 3 months she would wake up at 7 or 7:30am. It doesn’t seem like much but it’s a big difference for us! She’s still going to bed at 6:30pm and sleeping through the night. She takes a morning nap without much fuss every day around 9:30 or 10am. Her afternoon nap has been a struggle for some time now and she often doesn’t take it at all, though we still “offer”. She also refuses to nap when we are away from our house (at my parents etc.) so I’d love any tips on that.

FEEDING: As always, Piper goes through waves of not wanting to eat anything I prepare to being more adventurous and gobbling food down. Overall I’d say she’s a fairly picky eater. She loves bananas, pumpkin muffins (they are healthy, promise!), chicken, hummus, peas, green beans, yogurt, any fruit (pears & apples right now) and she loves crackers which she calls “gagas” and asks for about 2343 times a day. We are visiting an allergist after Thanksgiving because Piper’s continued to break out in hives around her mouth after eating certain foods. We can’t pin point it – because it’s so inconsistent, for example she’s had the same yogurt every day and last week broke out in hives after eating it. For the most part I think I can relate the experiences to something dairy related — except for Sabra brand hummus, which we can’t quite figure out. I’ve stopped giving her yogurt but she’s still eating and loving her milk and cheese. Hopefully we get some answers from the allergist although I’m dreading the 3 hour appointment because Piper is very fearful of doctors right now.

DEVELOPMENT: There have been SO many changes since our last update! Piper is talking so much and trying to put words together. She says dog, mama, dada, more, up, down, all done, please, outside, walk, baby, apple, nana (banana), boots, bath, tee tee (for brushing teeth), Gigi (my mom), Emmy (my sister) , Papa (my dad), Alex (her nanny), happy (the cutest!) and most recently button. Her saying button is adorable. She understands so much right now it’s kind of crazy. She has a temper for sure and I’m trying to read up about how to best discipline at her age, I’ve tried having her sit down when she does something naughty (like hit me or the dog) but I’m not sure she really understands.

Piper enjoys books and looking at the pictures herself and loves to be outside — with her preference being pushed on a swing! She continues to love music — it borderlines on obsession I’d say. We have to constantly have music playing in our house and as soon as we get to my parents they have to turn it on too. She really loves the record player in her playroom and “picking out” records. She recently started liking her stuffed animals and her beloved baby which she carries around everywhere and has to sleep with. It’s really the sweetest thing! Piper’s taking a music class every week and really enjoys it, it’s been fun to watch her progression and attention change over the past 8 weeks.

Piper's 15 Month Update


Baby DeeDee Sleep Kicker: This has been a savior since it started getting cold here!! I put a blanket on Piper when she goes to sleep but by the time I’m going to bed it’s never on her and I always worry about her being cold, as I’m sure many can relate to.

Aveeno Eczema Therapy Night Balm: I’ve tried just about every lotion on the market (not really, but it feels like it) and nothing has worked on Piper’s dry patches until I discovered this balm. I couldn’t believe the difference after just a few days. I put it on morning and night, even though it’s called “night balm” and I credit it with really improving Piper’s skin. I can’t recommend it enough. I started with a trial size ($3.99) from Target and then invested in the big tub, it’s cheaper online (I paid $20 in store).

Water Wipes: I’m so bummed I didn’t know about these before!! Piper has really sensitive skin and gets diaper rash multiple times a week, these are the only thing that seem to help. I wish they weren’t so pricey but they are really worth it. They are the only wipes I’ve been able to find that don’t contain chemicals, just water and .1% fruit extract.

Land of Nod’s Big Box Of Blocks: Piper’s not old enough to use these unsupervised but they provide countless hours of fun for her. She really likes knocking my towers over!

Corolle Babi Doll, Miss Fresh Riviera: This is Piper’s beloved babi that she carries around everywhere. It’s the perfect small size for her and you can machine wash it.

Cat & Jack Leggings: I’m not sure why leggings are so hard to shop for, but so many don’t fit Piper right and I’m loving the Cat & Jack ones we got at Target. You can’t beat the price and they hold up really well, she wears them a few times a week and you can’t tell how much we’ve washed them already! I love the fleece lined ones (toddler size, baby size)

Hanna Anderson Slippers: We went for a few months without slippers and a struggle every morning to find socks with a grippy bottom in Piper’s mess of a sock drawer. I finally made a trip to the mall and picked up the cutest (and coziest) slippers from Hanna Anderson.


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