Piper’s 21 Month Update


I’d guess 25lbs at least! We haven’t been to the doctor in a few months so I don’t have an accurate sense right now. Some of her 2T jammies are snug though and she seems to be outgrowing clothes left and right.


Piper’s sleep schedule has been pretty consistent for the last 6+ months and I’m soooo relieved! She takes a nap at 1pm that lasts between 1-2 hours. She goes to bed every night at 7pm and earlier if she’s acting tired or cranky. If we are doing something she can easily stay up and be OK until 8pm.


I’m still struggling with Piper’s meal time lately. We are going to transition to only giving her what we are eating and cutting back on snacks — and not offering her another option if she doesn’t like what we are having. It’s come to the point where she won’t even try her dinner and just requests her favorites (bread, cheese, fruit, crackers, yogurt) so that’s what I’ll end up giving her because I don’t want her to be hungry – but we aren’t making any progress this way so something needs to change. If you have any suggestions please send me a message!


I keep saying how this has been the most fun age yet – Piper can clearly communicate with us and is speaking so well. It’s so fun to hang out with her and really feel like you can talk to her and she understands what you’re saying. She has a huge vocabulary and is putting 2-3 words together to form sentences. She’s also starting to be come very independent and wishes to everything herself without help! She’s so curious about everything around her and absolutely loves to be outside. We try to spend most afternoons in our yard. We are still slowly working on her colors – she recognizes yellow and orange. She’s very into transferring things from one container to another — whether it be water or toys and this will easily occupy her for 20-30 minutes. Her attention span is still pretty short but she loves to watch Sesame Street on the weekend.

My dad made Piper’s water table for her 1st birthday – this tutorial is very similar!


Elmo! All of her babies (still) – we have 5 and counting. Water play and bath time. We just got out our water table and she looooove spending time outside playing in it. She still loves music and wants it playing 24/7. She’s enjoyed coloring but doesn’t have the attention span to do it for too long. She loves animals and has especially liked watching the birds lately. Piper is also very into airplanes and loved watching them take off and land when we were at the airport last weekend. I’m trying to decide what theme to do for her 2nd birthday party!


Carter’s PJs: I just got these for our beach trip and they are surprisingly soft and fit so well (size 24 months) and Piper is obsessed with the “crabby’s” on them!

Mustela Hydra Bebe Body Lotion: I recently switched from Piper’s heavier eczema cream back to this lighter lotion for the summer. I love the scent and how quickly it absorbs.

Flap Baby Sun Hat: Someone gifted us a Flap Baby hat when Piper was born and I was so sad when we lost it last summer (we lost every.single.hat.) so I replaced it with this adorable seersucker one for this summer. It’s worked great at the beach!

Good Night Beach: We started reading this book in preparation for our trip and Piper loves it!

Skip Hop Whale Rinser: We’ve had this since Piper was an infant but she’s just started taking an interest into playing with it and dumping water on her head during her baths!




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