Piper’s 3 Month Update & Our Favorite Baby Products Right Now



Piper's 3 Month Update

I can’t believe Piper is already 3 months old! Another month of big changes and really getting to know our little babe’s personality. I feel like we are finally getting into a good rythm with sleeping and feeding and Piper continues to be such a happy go lucky girl. After a month of crazy work I loved spending all weekend with my Piper and had plenty of quality time with her. Our biggest milestone is that Piper started taking naps in her crib! I’ve been so worried about the transition into her bedroom but this is a great start and we feel really good about it. 

Play Mat

WEIGHT & LENGTH: We think Piper is between 10-11 lbs and around 23 inches. She’s wearing 0-3 month clothes and some 3 month fits her too. 

FEEDING: Piper nurses every 2-3 hours still, with the exception of nighttime. In the past 2 weeks her spit up has decreased quite a bit. I’m off of both dairy and soy right now so that could be why, but she is much better about laying on her back now too so I think her reflux may be getting a little, tiny bit better. In other news I bought a manual breast pump for a wedding last weekend and it’s been a game changer! I love it for on the go instead of dragging my big pump and honestly I think it takes me less time because there are fewer parts. 

DEVELOPMENT: Piper rolled over twice this month (but hasn’t since,ha)! She isn’t a huge fan of tummy time but really pushes up high and holds her head up now on the regular. She sits up with help and uses her strong neck muscles. She’s just started to hold small toys and ‘bat’ at the animals in her play gym. In the past week she’s enjoyed spending more and more time on her blanket on the floor, rolling around and using the activity mat. She’s also really started babbling and making a ton of sounds. She loves to hear sounds too – whenever she’s upset funny noises and voices really calm her down. She’s very content by herself sitting in one of her various chairs or using the swing. 

SLEEPING: Such a good sleeper, Piper is! She still sleeps through the night and we are working on getting into a better nap schedule. I think we really turned a corner in the past week and I’ve been working hard to soothe her and put her in her crib (swaddled) before she gets over tired generally after 1.5-2 hours of wake time. This has really changed things for us! 

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Diapers: Still using Honest & Babyganics and love them, though we’ll probably pack some Pamper’s Swaddlers for our plane ride to California in a few weeks since they seem to absorb a little bit better (my parents use them at their house). 
Clothes: These leggings from Old Navy are a favorite right now – they fit great and are easy to get on and we also love these zip up sleepers (they are on sale for $10 right now!). We used a SwaddleMe swaddle the first two weeks with Piper and then stopped but we just started using these again and they have changed Piper’s naps, as soon as we put it on she practically falls asleep and doesn’t fight it – and they are really easy to use. Finally, Piper’s been wearing the cutest headbands from Arrow & Lace, Happiness Lives Here and our friend Lara’s collaboration with Mane Message
Toys & Gadgets: Piper is just starting to pay attention to her toys — I’m so excited! She’s just started playing with her Chewbeads Rattle and really holding it on her own. We’ve been using Avent Soothies pacifiers since the beginning and tried a few other brands but these work the best for us, I’ve been trying to reserve them for nap & bedtime only the past few days, we’ll see how it goes. Since Piper just started napping in her bedroom we’ve finally started using our baby monitors — we really like this one from Infant Optics and have it mounted above her crib. We already had a Dropcam and use it all the time too, it’s great for moving around and I love that you can access it from your phone so the nanny and I can both access it at the same time. 
Personal Care: 
We haven’t tried much new this month — but I’ve been using Earth Mama Angel Baby Baby Oil on Piper after her baths and Honest’s Healing Balm on her scratches or rashes and really like both. 

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Piper’s 3 Month Update & Our Favorite Baby Products Right Now



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