Postpartum Favorites



I’m one day shy of being 2 weeks postpartum with my 3rd baby and I have to say I think this has been my best recovery yet. I’m physically almost feeling 100% and my breastfeeding engorgement issues are nearly gone as well. The first week was tough, painful and long as expected but I’m grateful for my current state of both body and mind and am taking it all in stride, knowing things could change any day! I wanted to share some of the items I’ve used most frequently in these first two weeks on myself – and I’ll share baby products in it’s own post!

First up the clothes. A big struggle for me right now is fitting into anything in my wardrobe. As if physically fitting into clothing wasn’t a big enough problem it also needs to be nursing friendly and nursing bra friendly. I just placed a big Target and H&M order which I’ll share soon but in the meantime I’ve been living in these PJs & tops from Amazon.

This PJ set is super soft, holds up well in the wash and is so cozy. Wearing a medium.
Equally love these button front PJs. They are a slightly stiffer stretchy cotton fabric and just look and feel much higher end than they cost. Wearing a large!
This soft and cozy nightgown works as a house dress, too and has pockets. It also fits a bump nicely and buttons up for nursing access! Wearing a medium.
This oversized shirt is a bit warm for 90 degrees outside but I’ve been wearing it inside because it’s so forgiving and comfortable. Wearing a medium.
And this tank is GOLDEN! You can easily wear any kind of nursing bra with it and it’s very soft and buttons all the way up the front. I’m going to order a few more colors. Wearing a medium!

Ok and now for some other not as glamorous products that have been so helpful in these first two weeks at home with a newborn.

Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle: 100% worth the $16!! This bottle works so much better than the one you get in the hospital and is especially helpful if you had stitches (like I did).

Frida Mom Healing Foam: I loved this foam the first week of postpartum after I stopped using the Dermoplast from the hospital! It was gentle and soothing and really helped with the pain.

Lansinoh Breast Milk Collector: This was a SO HELPFUL when dealing with an extreme case of engorgement for over a week when my milk came in. I’m finally almost over it but I worked with a lactation consultant and used this to help relieve some of the pain and help the baby latch. Now I’m just using it to catch milk that leaks on the opposite side. It works so much better than the Hakaa in my opinion. The plastic is more flexible and easier to secure without it popping off and it comes with a lid and a strap. *I did partner with Lansinoh for a sponsored instagram about this product but genuinely love it so much!

Yeti Tumbler: I’ve been using this my entire pregnancy and even more now!




Postpartum Favorites



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