Printable Art From Ukraine Based Etsy Shops



An easy way to support Ukrainian based artists and small shops right now is to purchase their digital products on Etsy. I’m so grateful I saw this post on @StitchAndSteelCo that shares how to easily search for these pieces.

I was a little skeptical about this idea at first but when I started reading some of the shop bios I was moved and knew I had to share. This statement got me –

“Thank you so much for your orders! I understand that most of you buy from me now in order to support small business in Ukraine! I swear I’ll never forget all your orders and kind words during this horrible time!! I can’t describe how thankful I am! Thank you for all your prayers!! Ukraine needs your support! MAKE ART NO WAR!!!”

I have all of the pieces above in my cart and even if I don’t use them right now, I’m sure I will someday! I have been using digital artwork through our home renovation and it’s so easy to have your files printed locally and then pick them up and frame them yourself – and it’s affordable!

Landscape Oil Painting

Seascape Cloud Art

Landscape Set Of 2

Pink Abstract Watercolor

Modern Yellow Watercolor

Dried Flower Print

Black Butterfly Print & this lighter butterfly print is also beautiful)

Checkered Print




Printable Art From Ukraine Based Etsy Shops



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