Printable Chore Chart

September 13, 2019

Now that we are fully in BACK TO SCHOOL mode, we decided it was time for Piper to have a few chores as her responsibility to do every week. She loves helping around the house and finds this to be fun, not work! I teamed up with my talented friend, Brittany Viklund to create this adorable chore chart.

You can use it a few different ways – print it off, cut out the different chores and use contact paper to make them sturdy. I hot glued them to clothes pins and we are keeping them on her ‘chore basket’ . Every week I pick a few chores for the week and clip them to the outside, she gets to pick what she’s going to do and put the clothes pin in the basket when she finishes. Fill the basket by the end of the week and you get a prize!

You could do the same thing but clip them to the edge of a poster board – ‘to-do’ and ‘done’ and let your child move them from side to side.

Download the chart here!



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