Shape Themed Activity Boxes



This week in the activity boxes I put together for Flora (who is 2.5 years old) all focus on SHAPES! Flora is doing really great with her colors but we haven’t spent too much time on shapes yet. I always try to get these boxes together on Sunday so they are ready for the week. We usually get to one box per day, sometimes we’ll skip it and other days we’ll do two. If the activity is a hit, we often repeat it later in the week! Here’s what I put in our shape themed activity boxes this week!

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Dot-A-Dot Shape Prints: Downloaded for free from here! Both of my girls love these and they really help with fine motor skills and that hand-eye coordination.

Playdough Mats: I made these shape mats in two color options to use throughout the week. Click here to get the blue mat and here to get the pink one. One simple activity is to have your child trace the shapes with playdough and then decorate them.

Shape Gems: I had fun making the examples for this box – I cut out a ton of paper shapes (using the shape mat as a template) and then gathered an assortment of sequins and gems to decorate them with. Before you decorate you can have your child sort the shapes and also match them to the mat!

Sensory Bin Shape Hunt: I filled our sensory bin with dried chickpeas (running a little low on these, it would be more fun with more) and set up a simple matching activity with shapes I made out of hot glue. I got this idea from Studio DIY! To make these fun sparkly shapes I put a piece of wax paper on top of the shape mat, used my hot glue gun to trace and immediately sprinkled them with glitter. After they dried I put a second coat of glitter on to ‘seal’ it in (otherwise the glitter falls off) and then cut the shapes off the wax paper. If you have parchment paper the glue will just peel off, but I only had wax paper on hand. You could also use glitter hot glue sticks if you have those on hand!

Felt Shapes: My mother-in-law made the girls this amazing felt board and I cut a bunch of shapes out of felt to play with, make patterns and sort.

Shape Puzzle: I realized we didn’t have a shape puzzle so I picked one up at the dollar store the other day. It was pretty boring so I cut out felt shapes and hot glued them on to make it a little more pretty :)

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Shape Themed Activity Boxes



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