Skincare Routine For Postpartum Skin



Around 10 months postpartum my skin officially started going crazy. I blame it on hormones and re-introduction of dairy to my diet. I was breaking out non-stop on my cheeks (somewhere in the past I never broke out) leaving me with scarred, dull skin. My friend Elizabeth isn’t professionally trained in anyway (she works in marketing) but has been obsessed with skincare for years. I jokingly call her a chemist because she knows ALL about the ingredients in skincare products, how to use them properly, what  to watch out for, and can always advise me on what my skin needs. A few weeks ago she came over for a beauty night and it was seriously so much fun. We had wine and I brought out ALL of my beauty products and she went through all of them with me. I’m trying to convince her that she needs to do this as a side business!!! Be sure to follow her on Instagram if you’re interested in product reviews + skincare tips. 

We made a big pile of products I should DEFINIETLY avoid using that were likely contributing to my acne and clogging my pores. So many of my products also were filled with unnecessary dyes (even my beloved Pixi Glow Tonic!) and fragrances – a big no no. 

So – here are the basic tips Elizabeth gave me and then an outline of what I’m doing every morning & every night. My routine definietly takes longer but I do it as soon as the girls go to bed and right after I have my morning coffee! 

+Use a new wash cloth every time you wash your face. A huge change for me – but I think it’s really helping my breakouts! Wash cloths can harbor bacteria and you don’t want to rub it all over your face! I got these washcloths from Amazon and store them in a basket in my bathroom. 

+As a general rule, you never want to mix acids + Vitamin C. These are the two main elements of my skincare routine to help with acne scars and combat aging skin. So I’m using Vitamin C during the day (with sunscreen) and Acids at night. 

+ Once a week I’m doing a peel mask, a detox mask and a moisturizing mask (on different nights) . 

+Be REALLY careful with physical exfoliators (think all your face scrubs) they can create tiny micro tears in your skin, invite bacteria in and leave you with cystic acne. I used to use these abrasive scrubs ALL the time!!!! 

+ALL of your products should be non-comedogenic. Meaning – they won’t clog your pores. 

+Sunscreen HAS to be a part of your normal daily skincare routine! Otherwise you are un-doing all the hard work you’re putting into your skincare routine every time you step out into the sun. 


  1. Gentle cleanser (I’m using & loving this La Roche Posay Cleanser
  2. Essence or toner (I have SK-II Essence that I’ve been using consistently and it’s amazing though very pricey)
  3. Serum with Vitamin C (I’m using M-61 HydraBoost mixed with True Botanticals Vitamin C Powder OR alternating with my Ole Henrikson Truth Serum
  4. Moisturizer + Sunscreen (I am still looking for a good moisturizer & sunscreen for now I’m using my Olay WHIPS


  1. Micellar Water to gently remove makeup – this one really is the best! 
  2. Double cleanse with an oil cleanser  (Leahlahnai)  first followed by a gentle cleanser (Mun Cleanser)
  3. Acids! Soak 2 cotton pads with Kate Sommerville’s Liquid Exfolikate blot and press in and wait 2 minutes. I will also alternate with this Ole Henrikson Toner
  4. Apply a hydrating serum (Mun Ankanari does wonders for my skin ) and you can mix in “boosters” of your choice like Retinol (which I will use once I stop nursing) but for now I’m suing Azealic Acid + Peptides. I am trying out The Ordinary – they are SO affordable – I got this one and this one
  5. Seal with moisturizer – I’m using Paula’s Choice CLEAR





Skincare Routine For Postpartum Skin


  1. Ashley says:

    Great tips–i had the same problems after my son! I def noticed more breakouts after exfoliating with abrasive scrubs too. My face would be soft right after but the next few days MAJOR BREAK OUTS of cystic acne. Thank you for sharing 😊

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