Slowing Down & Speeding Up – A Wedding Update



Today marks 2 weeks from our wedding date. I can’t believe it. The past week I’ve really felt the stress and pressure of our big day for the first time. I haven’t been able to sleep. I feel like I’m planning in my dreams and wake up throughout the night and I haven’t been cooking (or eating much, let alone healthy) and feel like I can barely catch up. I was hoping these last few weeks would be a bit more calm and more organized — but I knew my indecisiveness would catch up to me! The past 2 days I’ve spent really organizing what needs to be done and started packing and I feel like I’m in a better place. 


On the bright side – my best friend Jess encouraged me to sign up for a boot camp class with her and it’s been so fun to really workout together. I don’t think I’ve ever pushed myself as far as I do in these classes  (and I can’t even keep up)- but also find it to be such great stress relief and I feel wonderful after. It’s so worth making the time! Austin and I also started taking dance lessons together and I love it. Not sure Austin totally feels the same but he’s a great sport and doesn’t complain. I find in this setting I am totally stress free and don’t think at all about my to-do list and am in the moment the entire time. Plus, it’s so fun to be challenged together with something that is so foreign to us.

So that’s a little update. I have a lot to do – and will be taking a little break from the blog but next week I look forward to highlighting our wedding vendors and a few other fun posts. If you have any wedding advice – I’d love it! Have a great weekend!




Slowing Down & Speeding Up – A Wedding Update



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