Snack Ideas For Picky Toddlers (All From Trader Joe’s)!



Toddlers are hard to please when it comes to meals and snacks — if it’s not Goldfish or fruit Piper’s usually not too excited about it. Lately I’ve been trying to mix up our snack routine, Piper gets 2 snacks a day (if I’m not being lazy and giving in to her constant snack requests) and since we shop at Trader Joe’s 80% of the time I’ve found a few go-to snack ideas using products we picked up. I love the connivence Trader Joe’s offers — from the mini bags of trail mix that I eat for snacks myself to the pre-sliced mango that Piper devours! Here are a few ideas that are sure to please even the pickiest of toddlers….

Spinach + Kale Hummus With Dippers

I try to sneak in veggies whenever humanly possible and recently started pureeing a few spoonfuls of the plain, organic hummus from Trader Joe’s with a handful of baby spinach and kale. Piper eats it just the same as she does the regular (by the spoonful) and I often give her the organic sugar snap peas (found in a small bag in the refrigerated vegetable aisle) and a handful of “Inner Peas” snacks for dipping.

Toast with Almond Butter, Apples + Cinnamon 

This was an no-brainer combination of two of Piper’s favorite things to eat — she often has apple slices with cinnamon served with her breakfast and she loves almond butter toast. We eat the Ezekiel bread from Trader Joe’s and keep it in the freezer and just pop it in the toaster when ready to eat!

Cantaloupe or Mango Slices with Coconut Yogurt

Piper loves the sliced mango and cantaloupe from Trader Joe’s and I do too because it’s just so EASY. I mix a little Greek yogurt (we usually have both vanilla and plain in our house – typically I use vanilla here) and top it with a handful of shredded coconut.

Avocado Stars

Avocado toast is much cuter in star form! I just smash a little avocado with a fork and spread it on Ezekiel toast and top it with sea salt. Yum!

Cheesy Cucumber Crackers

One of my personal favorites — simply top Trader Joe’s wheat crackers (I love that these have just 3 ingredients in them) with a slice of fontina (favorite TJ’s cheese, ever) and pop in the microwave for 5-10 seconds or until melted. As soon as the cheese is melted place a thinly sliced cucumber on top.

Almond Butter Ants On A Log

And you can’t beat the classics! I just started giving Piper ants on a log with almond butter !


Images by Anna Reynal




Snack Ideas For Picky Toddlers (All From Trader Joe’s)!



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