Spotlight On Abby Jiu, Our Wedding Photographer



Our WEDDING WEEK IS HERE!! I can’t believe it. All week I’ll be sharing a few details from our big day and putting the spotlight on some of our fabulous vendors! First up — Abby Jiu!

Oh boy! I’m so excited to share all of these beautiful images taken by our wedding photographer, Abby Jiu today. Abby is so talented at what she does and I’m so inspired by the business she’s grown — but I also value the friendship we’ve built throughout the past 8 months.

Abby shoots her weddings on film. This doesn’t mean we won’t get electronic files (what so many people think!) — we will get scans of her film (like our engagement photos).  I debated about having our wedding shot on film versus digital for a long time. I know many talented digital photographers I was eager to work with – but in the end I decided I wanted the soft, hazy quality of film. Now – I can’t wait! There are definite pros and cons to film vs. digital and in the end you need to decide what’s most important to you with your photography.

Some thoughts on wedding photography:

It’s important to find someone you connect with. I can’t stress this enough – you want to be comfortable in front of the camera on your wedding day. Having an engagement session will make you even more confident — but it’s also about that personal connection you create with your photographer.

It’s also important that you’re familiar with their work – take the time to look at their portfolio, Google other weddings that they’ve done and really get to know their style. This will really help you manage your expectations of photography on your day and have the opportunity to point out images you like and dislike.

Prior to your wedding create a master shot list. Mine is almost done, granted my line of work it’s quite a bit more detailed than most (I’d assume) but it’s so important to have a list of all of the images you’d like for your photographer to capture on your wedding day. Don’t forget about family photos (and who will be in them, and notifiying them ahead of time).

All images by Abby Jiu 




Spotlight On Abby Jiu, Our Wedding Photographer



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