Spring Clothes For Kids From Amazon

Amazon can be a treasure trove for kids clothing – but it takes some searching to find gems with good reviews!! I spent a few hours over the weekend looking for new clothes for the girls and thought I would share my finds. As always – use your best judgement when ordering clothes from Amazon, be sure to CHECK SHIPPING DATES and read the reviews!!! 

  1. Ruffle Tee 
  2. Knit Onesie
  3. Knitted Romper
  4. Bloomer Shorts
  5. Gingham Dress
  6. Pineapple Short Set (comes in several cute prints!!!)
  7. Striped Bloomer Shorts
  8. Button Up Shirt With Tie
  9. Blue Sleeveless Romper
  10. Ruffle Dress
  11. Plaid Overalls With Ruffle
  12. Plaid Hair Bow
  13. Knee Socks
  14. Solid Cotton Dress (comes in several colors & is really soft, holds up great in wash)
  15. Toddler Pants & Tee Set
  16. Blue & White Top (size up and wear as a dress with shorts under or tunic top with leggings)
  17. Leather Sandals
  18. Tunic Top
  19. Ruffle Romper
  20. Gray Romper With Buttons
  21. Vintage Floral Print Romper
  22. Sleeveless Striped Romper
  23. Flower Sunglasses





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  1. Taylor says:

    Oh my gosh! these are so good! can you do this every season?! I do not have enough patience to sift through all the bad stuff :)

  2. Sari says:

    Any suggestions for toddler ballet flats!? I want to get my 18 month a cute every day spring shoe but so many are to big to fit her little feet.