St.Patrick’s Day Treats For Your Kids



I will take any excuse to create a little magic for my kids. The past few years the “leprechauns” have made a mess in the morning, turned our milk green and left a little rainbow surprise for the kids. If you partake in this nonsense, I found a few fun finds below!

Green striped PJs– These get softer with every wash!
You’re My Lucky Charm Book – Ordered this for Alice, since we have no St.Patrick’s Day books in our house!
Rainbow Floam – The leprechauns are leaving this for my kids on St.Patrick’s day this year. Last year they left rainbow wands and I’m keeping up the tradition!
Rainbow Playdough Set -By far, the prettiest playdough you’ll ever own!
Edible Gold Glitter – This would be fun to use on treats!
Magic Milk Sticker – Add green food coloring and this sticker to your milk on St.Patrick’s Day morning for a fun surprise!
Rainbow Bubble Onesie – I sent this to my niece, how cute is it?!
Shamrock PJs – Love Carter’s seasonal PJs. I usually size up so my girls can pass them down and get more use out of them.
Golden Chocolate Coins
Rainbow Lollipop




St.Patrick’s Day Treats For Your Kids



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