Staying Safe This Summer



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Summer is officially upon us! I’m so excited for my first summer with Piper out of school and home with me. I have a whole list of adventures planned (see it here) and since we’ll be traveling and on the go so much I decided it was time to update our First Aid Kits and prepare our house for staying safe this season. I’ve partnered again with Johnson & Johnson on this post and I’m excited to share a little history about the brand along with how we are planning to stay safe this summer.

Years that end in 8s have been especially busy for Johnson & Johnson. In 1888, Johnson & Johnson created the first commercial First Aid Kit. Within that same year, the company published Modern Methods of Antiseptic Wound Treatment, which helped provide medical professionals with the training needed to accompany the newly mass produced sterile surgery products. In 1908, a time when women did not yet have the right to vote, Edith von Kuster was hired as Johnson & Johnson’s first female scientist! During that same year, eight out of the company’s 36 department supervisors were women.

Here are a few ways we plan on staying safe this summer:

Stock up on First Aid Kits

I picked these little Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kits at Target and they are the perfect size for throwing in your beach bag or pool tote, into your car emergency kit and having in your diaper bag. Now that Piper’s much more active on the playground and never slows down, I like knowing I’ll be prepared if she has an accident while we are out. I love how Johnson & Johnson was the first to put this type of First Aid Kit on the market, yet it’s still something you can pick up on an end-cap at Target today! Over 130 years later, Johnson & Johnson continues to meet unmet needs and help transform the trajectory of human health.

Image Courtesy: Johnson & Johnson Archives

Designate responsibility.

When traveling or at the pool, parties, family gatherings, parks, museums etc. it’s definitely harder to manage Piper these days now that we have an infant too, especially in a social setting with not only other kids but parents we want to talk to as well. We’ve found it key to take turns being “on Piper duty” so we know who is watching her at all times. This is extremely important whenever we are around the water, too!

Lather up on SPF

This should go without saying  — but we find it easiest to apply sunscreen at home before we get where we are going. We just make it part of our getting dressed routine in the summer. Piper especially likes the sunscreen that comes in a stick and thinks it is kind of cool! We always keep hats in the diaper bag, too!


Stay hydrated

Making hydration part of your routine is so important in warmer weather – invest in a few new water bottles to make your kids excited to drink more water and bring them with you wherever you go!

Check water quality

Living by the water is one of the things we love the most about our area – but the water is not always safe for swimming – especially after rain storms. Be sure to check the water quality of the bay and rivers before you let your little ones swim! We use this site.

Image Courtesy: Johnson & Johnson Archives

Check out the Johnson & Johnson’s digital museum here, for more information about Milestones in the 8s.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Staying Safe This Summer



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