Summer Amazon Finds

June 26, 2020

This post is the result of many late night nursing sessions browsing endlessly on Amazon! Though summer break may look different for a lot of us this year, we can still make it memorable and fun for our kids! Here are some summer Amazon finds I have my eye on.

  1. Flower Sunglasses : We have had these a few years and love them.
  2. Confetti Beach Ball: Glitter, always!
  3. Popsicle Mold
  4. Unicorn Sprinkler
  5. Rainbow Towel
  6. Shark Splash Pad: This is the splash pad we have and use just about every day!
  7. Outdoor Picnic Table With Umbrella: This is sooo adorable!
  8. Speedo Goggles
  9. Rainbow Towel
  10. Space Towel
  11. Sparkle Swim Float
  12. Video Camera
  13. Shark Toss
  14. Cabana Towel
  15. Mermaid Pool
  16. Ice Cream Swimsuit
  17. Flamingo Suit
  18. Beach Radio/Speaker
  19. Inflatable Hop Scotch
  20. Sea Shell Bags



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