The Ultimate Summer 2016 Reading List!



Summer 2016 Reading List 3

There’s nothing like summer reading… although I wish I carried the same enthusiasm and dedication to reading throughout the entire year like I do during the summer months! I’ve been trying to read more in general but the past few weeks I’ve been adamant about reading before bed for at least 20 minutes. My list of books is more full than ever and I keep ordering titles from Amazon – needless to say I’m really excited to share what’s on my shelf right now with you! I got a few of these books sent to me from Quarterlane – the first curated book subscription box I’ve come across. I was impressed with the packaging, beautiful hardback books and other cute little items that were included (Turkish towel, travel notebook) – they ship every 3 months. Great idea for yourself or to gift. And now… my summer reading list! 

The Singles Game : The latest from the author of Devil Wears Prada… I love an easy ‘beach read’ and I think this one will fit the bill. 

The Nest: An instant New York Times best seller about 4 adult siblings from a dysfunctional family. 

The Girls: I’m especially excited to read this …. because I’m weird and have always been intrigued by cults. It’s loosely based or inspired by Charles Manson’s followers. 

Sweetbitter: I love a good coming-of-age novel, especially one set in New York City! This book follows a young woman diving into NYC restaurant scene. 

The Mommy Group: I highly recommend this book to any pregnant or new mom! I’m almost finished and am strongly craving a close knit mama tribe of my own… something I hope to work on this summer. 

H Is For Hawk: One of New York Times 10 best books of the year chronicles Helen Macdonald’s story of adopting and raising, you guessed it… a hawk. 

Heartburn: This book isn’t new… it was published in 1996 (!!) but my sister just gave it to me and said it’s a great, easy summer read about a woman who is 7 months pregnant and discovers her husband is in love with someone else. Juicy! 

Modern Lovers: I’m most excited to read this title by Emma Straub who wrote last summer’s hit — The Vacationers, which I loved. 

So what’s on your list??? I’d love to hear in the comments. And wish me luck as  I attempt to read all of these books by the fall! Looking for more book ideas? Check out my winter reading list here

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Summer 2016 Reading List 2
Summer 2016 Reading List

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The Ultimate Summer 2016 Reading List!



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