The 7 Easy Dinners I’m Making This Week



We are finally back home and into a somewhat normal routine, though it’s kind of been thrown out the window because we started potty training on Saturday! I know this week is going to be tough — working while helping Piper and watching her with every spare second I have. So I made a menu on Friday night full of easy and somewhat healthy meals. I included what we ate this weekend so it’s actually 8 meals! My husband has gone quasi vegan on me, so I’ve tried to pick meals that he can easily omit the dairy or I can easily add it into Piper and my meals and this week are all meat free.

Saturday: Creamy Zucchini Fettuccine  (This was SO easy and delicious, it took less than 20 minutes. You could easily sub the zucchini for another seasonal vegetable, or add others. It’s a really good summer comfort food.)

Sunday: Polenta Bowl With Zucchini & Tomatoes (I added mushrooms, too! We have a ton of leftovers for lunches this week. I also use instant polenta and just added in the corn right after I whisked in the cornmeal, saves on time!)

Monday: Sheet Pan Honey-Sesame Tofu & Green Beans  (I make this just about every other week, it’s so quick and tasty. I usually serve it with a bag of frozen quinoa from Trader Joe’s.)

Tuesday: Farmer’s Market Asparagus + Potato Pizza (I bought Trader Joe’s pre-made flatbreads to use for this and the mixed bag of purple, yellow and red potatoes. I have vegan cheddar cheese for Austin’s.)

Wednesday: Greek Style Tuna Salad 

Thursday: Quesadillas with black beans, spinach, roasted peppers and avocado. I use the bag of sliced frozen peppers from Trader Joe’s and sauté them along with the spinach with a little chili pepper and cumin.

Friday: Burrito bowls with leftovers — I just top brown rice or quinoa with all the fixings from the quesadillas, salsa and a bed of greens.

Saturday: Vegan Eggplant Lasagna Rollups – I’m especially excited to try out this recipe!




The 7 Easy Dinners I’m Making This Week



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