The Best Beach & Pool Kids Gear



It’s that time of year! Trips to the pool and beach are on the horizon or already happening and you’re a new mom faced with lots of options when it comes to GEAR! I’ve updated our post with all the best beach and pool gear for kids for 2019 and hope you find it helpful this summer! This list is crowd sourced from moms in the Mama Notes Community and my favorite piece of advice was to remember– that the beach has a new purpose now—it’s not for reading and relaxing! 🤣

Be sure to check out our kids clean sunscreen guide for 2019 here!

  1. Collapsible Tote Bag: Great option if you’re traveling to the beach and need to slip this into your suitcase. I love the structure of the bag and how much it holds!
  2. Backpack Beach Chairs are a HUGE game changer when it comes to hauling beach gear. We utilize the pockets and each wear one. A lot of people love the lace up style but I prefer the look of the wood.
  3. Waterproof Picnic Blanket : Perfect for the beach or lake, camping or picnics – another option we personally love is our oversized Gathre mat and so many other moms suggested it too!
  4. Kids Goggles – Highly rated and loved by parents!
  5. Bucket: Honestly your kids don’t need more than a few buckets and a shovel when playing at the beach but this one looks so fun!
  6. Inflatable Pool: Yes, don’t call us crazy – we are suggesting you bring an inflatable pool to the beach. It’s the perfect solution for small babies to experience the ocean without being in it. Lots of mamas love this duck pool and this is the pool we have and love!
  7. Swimways Spring Float: Have and love this float for little babies! Flora loves it at 18 months.
  8. Folding Utility Wagon: WHY DON’T WE HAVE ONE OF THESE?!?! I’ve heard about them for a while and just how great they are for hauling all the stuff, plus they are compact and fold up!
  9. Pop- Up Beach Tent – Unlike others that can get really hot this tent is totally open in the front which is why many moms love it. If you’re nursing or have a baby you need a beach tent!
  10. I.Play Sun Hats: Both of my girls have worn these hats -they are perfect for the water, long days in the sun and dry quickly. A lot of people also like the Flap Happy Hats!
  11. Logan & Lenora Beach Bag: I keep hearing about this tote bag brand – so many people love the oversized waterproof bags for the beach and pool. I have been looking for the perfect big bag to fit all our stuff and I’m thinking about making the investment. Lots of moms also LOVE the large Land’s End tote – a classic!
  12. Beach Table: A little unnecessary but great for toddlers who are old enough to keep their plates and food on the little table and not in the sand.
  13. Packable Pails – collapsible sand buckets are perfect for travel and easily slide into your beach bag.
  14. Wet/Dry Bags: For wet bathing suits etc.

Other kids gear:
Obviously, sunscreen (here’s our clean sunscreen guide)
Rashguards for days at the beach (most suggested were J.Crew and Hanna Anderson and Ruffle Butts)
Hooded towels (Ikea and Pottery Barn Kids were most suggested)
Natives are by far the most loved water shoe!
Camelback Stainless Steel Water Bottle: Keeps water cool and sand-free and all parts are dishwasher safe!




The Best Beach & Pool Kids Gear



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