The Best Gift For A Book Lover + Our Updated Holiday Kids Books List!



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Today I’m back with another post created in collaboration with Barnes + Noble to share the best gift idea for any book lover on your holiday shopping list. You know when you check out at B&N and they ask if you’d like to join their membership program? Most of the time I don’t even think twice and immediately say “No thanks!” but after learning more about the program I realized we should have joined years ago! For only $25 you can gift someone a year long membership! Here are some of my favorite perks…

  • You get 40% off hardcover bestsellers (!!!) and 10% off most everything else in store
  • You ALWAYS get free express shipping on orders from with no minimum order amount

Barnes & Noble also has a separate Kids Club which is FREE to join! It’s available for kids up to 12 years of age and allows your little ones to accumulate rebates for every $100 spent they get a $5 reward card! They also offer your child a treat on their birthday–a  cookie, cupcake or rice krispy treat :) Books are such a big part of our life that I’ll definitely be signing Piper up so we can reap the benefits all year long! I always want to read books when they first hit shelves, so being able to get 40% off hardcovers is a major perk for me.

Since we got out our big basket of Christmas books (see more about that here) Piper’s been so excited to read them every night. While I had every intention of cuddling up next to the Christmas tree she’s actually been wanting to read them in our bed – and we’ve happily obliged! So far her favorite is The Polar Express. She reaches for it every night and often asks us to read it twice! She also loves The Night Before Christmas which is handy, since I collect different copies of it!

I also wanted to share a few titles that are on my holiday shopping list to pick up for Piper this year – you can see 20 of my favorite holiday books for kids here.  And here are the books I’d love to add to our collection this year, the hard part will be picking out one or two!

  1. Nativity
  2. Let It Glow A Winter’s Walk
  3. The Story Of Holly & Ivy
  4. The Christmas Eve Tree
  5. The Hanukkah Mice
  6. Sammy Spider’s First Hanukkah
  7. The Great Spruc
  8. The Animal’s Santa
  9. Presents Through The Window
  10. Deep In The Woods


And for the mamas…. the 3 books on my winter reading list! 

The Feminist’s Guide To Raising A Little Princess: Piper recently became a little more interested in princesses than I’d care to admit and I saw this when browsing B&N the other day and immediately snagged it.

When in French: Love In A Second Language: Because I’m a wannabe Francophile (Who has never been to Paris!).

A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools For Intentional Living: I’ve followed Emily Ley’s journey for years and can’t wait to read this book and streamline my life and household for 2018 as my family grows.


Images by Lauren Swann

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The Best Gift For A Book Lover + Our Updated Holiday Kids Books List!



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