The Best Pregnancy Sleep Pillows



Oh, sleep – such a fun part of pregnancy! In my experience I’ve never slept as much as I have during my 1st trimester – with all 3 pregnancies. I found myself going to bed at 8 or 8:30 most nights and enjoyed getting all of that extra rest my body needed. Flash forward to week 15 and it was all over – same scenario all 3 pregnancies. Tossing and turning all night. Thankfully I have a pretty good bedtime routine down so falling asleep isn’t a problem – it’s staying asleep!

I asked The Mama Notes community to share their favorite pregnancy sleep pillows and these were the top 5, mentioned over and over again!

  1. Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge: This is what I’m currently using and loving at nearly 20 weeks pregnant. We’ll see how it works for a larger bump but right now I love putting it between my legs when I sleep on my side – and also sometimes resting my bump on it. I love that it’s not HUGE and cumbersome!

2. Leacho Snoogle Original Maternity Pillow: I’ve heard about this one for years – and used something similar with my first 2 pregnancies. There’s no denying it provides maximum COMFORT for mom, but it also takes up a TON of space in your bed. It’s Amazon’s most popular sleep pillow- boasting over 7,000 customer reviews.

3. Bobby Wedge and Bobby Side Sleeper: One reader comments “It’s small, doesn’t take up bed space and travels well!” Another says “It’s not huge and supports both the belly and between the knees.”

4. Bbhugme: This is a new to me pillow that readers are ‘obsessed’ with! It comes with a hefty price tag ($175) but claims to be the most versatile pregnancy sleep pillow on the market that shapes to your body.

5. Queen Rose Sleep Pillow: This one falls into the ‘takes up the entire bed but is worth it’ category for many of you – and I had to admit it looks very comfortable. It also works well for reading and watching TV in bed!




The Best Pregnancy Sleep Pillows



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