The Pregnancy & Childbirth Books I’m Reading



I read a ton of pregnancy books with my first baby and I didn’t expect to have a similar desire to read up again this time — but low and behold my nightstand is full of them again. I ordered a few new titles on Amazon and am re-reading some I already have.

Mama Natural: Written by blogger and YouTuber, Genevieve Howland this book takes a natural, holistic and organic approach to pregnancy as the title suggests! While parts of it are a little too extreme for me I love how concise it is – each week doesn’t feel too overwhelming and also covers different pregnancy topics aside from what’s happening with your body and the baby’s development for that week.

9 Months: A Month by Month Guide To Pregnancy For A Family To Share: Although Piper is a little young for this, it’s a great book for the entire family to read together about pregnancy. The illustrations are fantastic and it covers what’s happening to mama’s body and the growing baby every month.

The Birth Partner: Though it’s written for your partner to read, I found this book to be extremely helpful in preparing for a natural childbirth with my first pregnancy and plan to start reading it again once I hit my 3rd trimester.

Ina May’s Guide To Childbirth: Referred to as the bible of natural childbirth – this is a comprehensive guide to having the natural childbirth you want. I love the birth stories in it and will definietly be re-reading it soon.

Bringing  Up Bébé: I just love this book. Maybe because I’m obsessed with French culture or because I love the fresh perspective from which it’s written. It’s especially helpful now because it covers many topics that apply to Piper right now, too. It doesn’t cover too much pregnancy but lots of great advice for infants and babies.

Other books on my shelf:

The New Basics – this is what I consult when I have a medical question (NOT GOOGLE). It comes recommended by so many mamas and I love it.

All the sleep books I read and how we got Piper to sleep.

The Womanly Art Of Breastfeeding – the most comprehensive book on breastfeeding that every mama who wants to nurse should read before she gives birth.







The Pregnancy & Childbirth Books I’m Reading



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