Tips For Keeping Your School Age Kids Sick Free!



With Piper starting school this month I’ve been trying to prep to keep us sick-free as much as I can. I know that we are bound to be under the weather a lot this fall and winter so I’ve been trying to do everything in my power to boost Piper’s immune system and prevent illness in our house! I asked a lot of other mama’s for advice… and have been doing a little research. Here are a few ideas if you find yourself in a similar situation this fall!

*As always, please consult your doctor before taking any supplements or using oils in your home. I am not a medical expert! 

Essential Oils

Hands down my favorite way to keep us sick-free is with essential oils. You can learn more about how we use them in our house here! I use a roller ball with Thieves topped with a carrier oil down the back of our spines and on the bottom of our feet EVERY night. Consistency is key!  This blend is thought to help ward off sickness, purify the air when difused and boost your immune system.

Hand Washing

I’ve been trying to get into the habit of making the entire family wash hands a lot more than normal, especially any time we get home from a public place and school. I’ve never been a ‘hand sanitizer person’ but just started carrying some in the car and in my purse.

Change Clothes

As soon as Piper gets home from school she goes straight to her room and gets to pick out a new outfit. This has become fun for her and I cleaned out a drawer in her dresser full of comfy, cozy options! Her school clothes go right into the dirty hamper so the germs can get washed away!


So many mamas suggested probiotics as a great way to boost your little one’s immune system and I’ve started giving them to Piper daily. The most recommended brand was Culturelle so I got the little packets and stir them into applesauce and she gobbles it right up.

Nightly Bath

We typically bathe Piper every other night but with cold and flu season upon us a nightly bath with hair washing is in order!

More cleaning

Wash sheets and toys more frequently! I wash Piper’s nap mat, school blanket & doll every week too. I’ve been trying to use these sanitizing wipes on toys and just around the house more too.

Balanced diet & plenty of rest.

Easier said than done, especially with a picky toddler but trying to fuel your kids up on healthy, immune boosting food (like citrus, spinach, broccoli, turmeric — see a full list here) plenty of fruits and veggies and consider having them take a vitamin.

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Tips For Keeping Your School Age Kids Sick Free!



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