Tips For The 2 Year Old Nap Regression & Flora’s Bedding



As a blogger, I share a LOT about my life as a mom and naturally get a lot of questions – but one of the most frequent and unexpected questions I get asked is about Flora’s bedding, specifically what size pillow she has and what we use for blankets and when we started using them. Today I’ve partnered with Walmart to share the news about their new Little Star Organic bedding line and share more about Flora’s popular pillow (lol) AND the crowd sourced tips I got for handling her recent nap strike.

The PILLOW!!! We started using this around 15 months and around 18 months she really started sleeping on it every night. It’s the perfect smaller size for the crib but makes her feel like a big girl! According to the American Association of Pediatrics it’s advised to not put any pillows, blankets, stuffed animals etc. in your baby’s crib until after 12 months.

We have been using Walmart’s Little Star Organics soft crib sheet and then their baby quilt is the perfect weight for the colder winter months. It’s also the perfect size and really like that it’s made from organic, breathable cotton. I love that Walmart is making organic bedding accessible to so many families thanks to their affordable pricing but doesn’t compromise quality! Our bedding has held up so well in the wash and is so perfect for a nursery! The star print sheets are so cute, too!

And now let’s chat about what to do when your wild one decides they don’t feel like taking naps 50% of the time. And proceed to be crannnnnky until bedtime!! I asked for some advice on Flora’s current sleeping patterns (described above) and I thought I’d share your tips! What made me feel best about our situation was realizing that it’s super common with this age group and I am by far NOT alone in dealing with a 2 year old nap strike! Flora’s usual routine is nap from 1-3pm and bedtime at 6:45pm. If she doesn’t nap she’s sleeping by 6:20/6:30 at the latest.

  • Continue to give quiet time to rest – offering books or quiet boxes if necessary
  • Time your car rides for naps!!
  • Aim for a shorter wake period before nap to avoid your child getting over tired
  • Or, try moving nap time an hour later
  • Try the Ok To Wake alarm clock (we have one for Piper but have not tried it yet with Flora!!)
  • Stick it out, the naps will return!
  • Try an earlier bedtime (we do this on nights when she doesn’t nap during the day)
  • Someone told me they have a nap fairy – who comes and leaves a treat outside of your door if you take a nap (LOVE THIS IDEA)!
  • Wear her out!!! Park and play dates as much as you can
  • Consistency is key
  • Black out curtains (contemplating this) so it makes ‘playing’ in the crib harder

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Thank you to Walmart Little Star Organic’s Bedding for sponsoring this post!

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Tips For The 2 Year Old Nap Regression & Flora’s Bedding


  1. Tana says:

    I have been meaning to look up toddler crib pillows and this is perfect! Thank you!

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