What We Are Packing For The Beach



Happy Monday! I’m so excited because after months of waiting safely at home we are finally taking our first family vacation in over a year! I think a change of scenery is going to be incredible for all of us! We are heading down to the beach in North Carolina for a week and then visiting my in-laws for the weekend. We haven’t been out of town this long in soooo long and I’ve been having trouble remembering how to pack, especially now that we are traveling with a baby again!

Here’s a little recap of what I’ve shared on Instagram (I’ll continue to update this post throughout the week as I share a few other packing related pieces of content).


Clothes – lets start here! We have a roof bag for our Santa Fe, but we are also bringing our large black lab on our trip so our space is very limited. I’ve tried to keep this in mind since we will have access to a washer & dryer during our trip. I usually overpack but I’m trying really hard not to! I’m going to try to link everything I got questions about on Instagram.

I use these packing cubes, each girl has their own color. They have worked great for us!

I followed the same formula for each of my girls, 1 sweatshirt, 1 cardigan, 3 dresses, 5 tee-shirts, 3 long-sleeve tops, 4 pairs of shorts, 4 pairs of leggings. Bathing suits, hat, coverup, socks, underwear. Everything is mix & match and I didn’t pick out specific outfits because it’s usually a fight when I do that and I wanted to keep things relaxed on this trip!

For the girls:

These Hope & Henry dresses are so beautiful, great quality! They have the matching floral one and Piper has this eyelet one.

Flora’s floral blouse
Piper’s floral cardigan

We love these Cat & Jack shorts from Target!

Alice’s floral jumpsuit

Long-sleeve ribbed suits from Amazon (size up)!
Pink 2-piece June & January suits
Hooded terrycloth coverups (on sale). I waited last year and could never find good coverups in stock so I snagged these as soon as I saw them!
Alice’s adorable floral swim suit top

Water shoes for Flora and Piper.
Bow sneakers for Flora & Piper (they will even wear these with their Easter dresses). Pink option here.
Sandals for Alice, for Flora and Piper.

For me:

I kept it super simple for myself as well, packing pieces that I can easily mix & match.
Denim shorts (this splurge & this save), white jeans, leggings.
Basic tee-shirts, my favorite ruffle Target cardigan, this Old Navy blouse, this stripped tee (nice thick quality).
My flowy Target dress, this floral nap dress from Hill House Home and a floral nursing-friendly Ivy City Co. dress.
This pink knit matching set you all loved along with this lightweight waffle knit set (I have the pretty sage green color).
Using this awesome tote bag for a diaper bag.
My Target sandals (they look so expensive!!), my splurge floral sandals and my Birks! Also bringing my sneakers.
My favorite Tuckernuck earrings seem to be missing but I hope I can find them! And my Brixton hat from a few years back.

Beach Gear:
Trying out either this foldable dog pool my friend told me about for Alice to use at the beach (without water, just toys since it’s going to be chilly) or a regular inflatable pool. We will decide when the folding pool arrives today if it’s a good fit for our trip!

Go-Pod travel chair. I’m super excited about this seat my friend Lauren recommended! I think we will get a lot of use out of it with Alice this summer and then I’ll pass it along to my best friend who is having a baby in July! I love that you can attach toys onto it and easily move it around and not worry about it getting sand in!

I got the girls this beach drill that looks really fun!

We are using this Think Sport sunscreen along with this Babyganics spray. Flora has sensitive, eczema prone skin and both have worked for her in the past!

For The Car

iPad Case the girls use.

Water Wow pads




What We Are Packing For The Beach



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