What We Packed For Our 10 Day Road Trip With A Toddler

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I’ll admit I was pretty overwhelmed with the thought of packing for 10 days on the road with Piper for our recent trip to Maine. I started packing for us all about a week before we left and made a big checklist to ensure we wouldn’t forget anything (which we did). Because we were staying at hotels, camping and living in a rental house and the temperature ranges from the low 50’s to upper 80’s in Maine this time of year I had to be very thoughtful about what we brought!

I started with our toiletries — much to my dismay Piper’s adorable vintage suitcase (pictured here) didn’t make the final cut but instead I packed a Longchamp bag with my Life In Play insert with both of our toiletries and it worked out perfectly! I’ll definietly be doing this for future trips because it was so convenient to know where all of our stuff was when we had so many bags and suitcases in the car. I did let Piper “help” me pack by filling up her little suitcase which offered her hours of enjoyment before we left!

We packed mostly Mustela products for Piper since we’ve pretty much been using them exclusively the last few months since they work so well on Piper’s sensitive skin. There were a few products that worked especially well for travel on this trip:

2 In 1 Cleansing Gel: This was great because the squeeze bottle doesn’t leak and saved on space being a 2 in 1 cleanser for both hair and body. I love this video about how to give your baby a proper bath :)

Wipes: I use the dermo wipes non-stop on Piper’s face, to clean up spills etc. while on the road and the diaper wipes for changes.

No Rinse Cleansing Water: This was a life saver when we camped. We didn’t attempt to bathe Piper and instead I gave her a sponge down each night to clean her skin with this no-rinse cleansing water. I also used this at our rental house in-between baths to remove sunscreen and dirt from the day.

Mineral Sunscreen Stick: I love this little sunscreen stick all the time, but it worked particularly well on our trip because I could keep it in my purse and quickly apply it if we found ourselves in the sun unexpectedly (which was frequently)!

After-Sun Spray: This light formula cools and soothes sun after being in the sun. I use it on myself, too!

Skin Refresher:  I liked to apply this light, refreshing spray after being outside, in the sun or between baths.

I also brought her toothbrush, toothpaste, diaper cream, hair bands, hair de-tangler, nail clippers, hair brush and our first aid kit.

Moving on to clothes! I was very strategic and knew we’d have access to a washer and dryer once we got to our rental house. I packed seperate bags for our 2 nights in hotels so everything would be easy to access, and put all of our camping gear on the top of our suitcase so we didn’t need to rummage through.

Keeping in mind our variety of activities (beach combing, swimming, hiking) and the wide range of temperatures Maine sees in a given week I stuck with simple, easy to layer pieces in colors that coordinated. Here’s what I packed!


2 short sleeve sets
2 long sleeve sets
2 long sleeve onesies


4 short sleeve tee shirts
2 long sleeve tee shirts
3 tank tops
1 blouse


3 leggings
3 biker shorts
1 khaki shorts


3 short sleeve dresses
2 long sleeve dresses
2 swim cover up dresses


2 sweatshirts
1 rain coat
1 jean jacket


2 pairs of Salt Water Sandals
1 pair of water shoes
1 pair of sneakers


2 swimsuits
5 pairs of socks
5 bloomers
1 sweat suit
1 straw hat
1 sunhat with ties


Pack & play
Clip on seat for dining table (didn’t end up using this at all)
Sound machine & monitor
Plate, fork, spoon, bowl & a few sippy cups
Walking stroller

Images by Anna Reynal

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