What’s In My Diaper Bag: The Potty Training Toddler Edition!



I haven’t shared whats in our diaper bag in a while so I thought it was about time! Now that Piper’s potty training there are a few new items I added and being pregnant I also have it full of SNACKS for myself :)

We are entering our 4th week of potty training and Piper’s doing really well. Accidents are rare (in fact, cross my fingers, she’s never had one outside of the house). I still keep a potty in the back of our car and frequently have to pull over to let her go (this is really fun, let me tell you).

So here’s what’s in our bag!

We are using the Fawn Design backpack and I LOVE it !

Diapers: I still have a few diapers in the bag in case of emergency. We use Pamper’s Cruisers right now.

Changing Pad: This is always in the bag!

Swaddle Blanket: I’ve always kept a thin swaddling blanket in the bottom of our diaper bag and am surprised at how many times it’s come in handy.

Face Wipes: I use these most of the time unless Piper’s gone to the bathroom.

Kandoo Wipes: I still use these when we are out in a public restroom because they allow me to help her wipe MUCH quicker and easier than toilet paper.

Diaper Cream: Still can’t let go of the diaper cream, though I honestly rarely use it these days.

Plastic Bags: I have 3-4 empty shopping bags in the bag for putting soiled clothes in. Ziplock bags are probably a good idea, too!

Extra Undies + Clothes: I have several pairs of underwear, 2 bottoms and 1 top.

Toilet Seat: This traveling toilet seat has worked WONDERS in getting Piper comfortable with using public restrooms and I can’t recommend it enough! Like the reviews say, the travel case is crap but you can just stick it in your own bag or large ziplock bag. She also loves the little bear on it :)

Sunscreen Stick: After too many messes, I now only carry solid sunscreen sticks in our diaper bag and they work great for quick application when we are on the go.

Food Supplies: I keep a spoon, fork and empty cup in the diaper bag. Far too frequently restaurants don’t have kid-friendly cups and we’ve learned the hard way to always have our own.

Toys: I keep only a FEW toys to entertain Piper with in our diaper bag. A WATER WOWcoloring book and sticker book are usually all that’s in there. I also always have 1 or two board books.

Hair Stuff: Extra hair bands, travel size brush and a bow.

First Aid Kit: Bandaids, Neosporin, bug spray etc.

Snacks: I keep granola bars for myself and usually one bar or pouch for Piper.

Peppermint Drops: I’ve found these peppermint drops really help with my heartburn!


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What’s In My Diaper Bag: The Potty Training Toddler Edition!



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