10 Trader Joe’s Products To Always Keep Stocked When You Have Young Kids



Trader Joe’s is a weekly stop for me – and has been for years, way before I had kids. But all moms know, Trader Joe’s has some GREAT kid-friendly snacks and meals. Today I’m sharing my top 10 products from Trader Joe’s I ALWAYS have on hand. Most I pick up weekly since we go through them so quick! I’m also sharing ideas for how we use them! 

Frozen Turkey Meatballs: Wish I discovered these earlier! I love to serve them with a jar of sauce and zoodles (pre-spiralized) or pasta when I need a quick dinner in a pinch. They are also SO good in a skillet bake with cheese. Piper is a big fan of these and they are egg-free so Flora can have them, too! 

Organic Dried Mango: Piper and I can devour a bag of this in 1 sitting but we try not to!  It’s a great healthy snack for on the go! 

Frozen Cauliflower Gnocci: Obsessed! I most frequently serve these with TJ’s vegan pesto, shredded parmesan cheese, sliced chicken sausage and spinach or kale. They are great with just butter, spinach and parmesan too. We probably eat then once a week – I like to keep them in the freezer for those nights where I just don’t have the energy to cook what I had planned. Piper likes them best with pesto! 

Organic Baby Spinach: My go-to for salad and sneaking into the girls food. I shred it and stick it in quesadillas, fried rice, risotto etc. We also use it in our smoothies we make a few mornings a week! 

Mini Frozen Pizzas: ALWAYS have these on hand. They are great for impromptu play date lunches, Friday night, when I don’t feel like cooking and I love eating them myself :) You can also add your own toppings – we like olives and red peppers. 

Yogurts: We go through these every week – we pack them in lunches or eat with breakfast. Also good to add to smoothies if you are running low on frozen fruit and freeze in popsicles during the summer.

Bags for Frozen Rice: You can always find our freezer stocked with Jasmine & Brown Rice. I love that its so quick to pop a bag in the microwave, scramble an egg, saute some frozen veggies and toss it with soy sauce and you have dinner! Flora eats a lot of rice and it’s just a great staple to make cooking quicker & easier! 

Shredded Parmesan Cheese: I could pretty much top anything with this and Piper will eat it. Of course we use it on pasta all the time – when I have nothing to cook I’ll toss peas, pasta and butter with it and it’s Piper’s favorite dinner or lunch. I add it to scrambled eggs, toss veggies in it, top our frozen pizzas with it. 

Hummus: We go through 2 of these a week. We dip crackers, veggies, pita chips in it. It goes in Piper’s lunch pretty much every day. I use it for wraps with turkey, spinach and cucumber when I’m being healthy :) 

This Apple Walks Into A Bar: Oh boy, should have never introduced these to Piper! She LOVES them entirely too much. They are her go-to breakfast on the go or snack anytime. 






10 Trader Joe’s Products To Always Keep Stocked When You Have Young Kids



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