Craft Closet Makeover



Today I’m excited to finally share our craft closet makeover!!! Back in January I embarked on a month of dedicating myself to really trying to organize all aspects of our house. Now here we are two months later and while we are far from reaching that goal we have made a lot of progress! 

I enlisted the help of a local organizer, Susie Salinas of Systems By Susie to help me come up and execute a strategy! She helped with the whole playroom but the majority of our time was focused on this beast of a closet you see below. It’s been like this since we moved into our house almost 4 years ago!! It’s a HUGE closet with so much potential but I was just using it as a catch-all for all my crap. 

Susie and her team took EVERYTHING out of the closet, sorted and organized it by piles and I purged a ton of stuff!!! We then devised a plan for storage, made a shopping list and got to ordering. (Most everything is from The Container Store and Target). Next was cleaning out the closet, I ripped out the funky old carpet in it and gave it a fresh coat of green paint. 

Once all of the containers arrived Susie came back and helped install it all and apply labels so EVERYTHING has a spot and there are systems I can keep up with! She also unwrapped everything so it’s easy to access and SEE! We did away with my various mason jars full of sequins and glitter instead putting them in baggies to save space inside of the plastic bins! 

The SCARY before photos: 

I love having everything in uniform containers. It was a big investment on such a small part of our house, but one that is totally worth it in the long run. We’ll have these containers forever and can easily change out the labels as our needs change for this closet. I also have a dedicated space for projects that are in the works (not my kitchen table) and a spot for all the sensory bins I’ve been making. All around this makeover has been really life changing for my work! 

And the after! 

(Sorry about the image quality, the playroom gets very little light, hopefully I’ll get better photos when we photograph the whole space with a professional photographer!)


Products Used: 

Paint Color: (Obsessed with this and want to paint everything in my house this color)!!

White Bins: Container Store
Smalls woven baskets: Target Dollar Bin ($5 each)
White Metal Baskets: Target Dollar Bin but these are similar & better quality! 
Clear Plastic Containers: Container Store Shoe Boxes (both Mens & Women’s and the Tall Shoe Boxes)
Bulletin Board: Minted 
Flower Hook: Target
White Containers for Crayons & Pencils: Container Store 
Lazy Susan: Container Store





Craft Closet Makeover



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