Weekday Busy Boxes

Earlier this week on my Instagram stories I shared a peek at the busy boxes I put together for Flora to play with this week! The idea is that filling them up on Sunday before the week began would buy me a little bit of time to get more done on my lengthy to-do list. We actually didn’t even get through all the boxes! So I have 1 to use for next week. I also plan to rotate toys through these, to keep things new and interesting for Flora: Think balls, cars, puzzles etc. 

Here’s an overview of what I put in the 5 boxes for her this week: 

Monday: Easter eggs with little sensory toys inside. 
Tuesday: Cotton balls + pom poms with various recycled cardboard rings & toilet paper rolls.
Wednesday: Cut up felt pieces of various sizes and silicone cupcake liners (this was a hit). 
Thursday: Hid farm animals in crumpled up brown paper. 
Friday: Wrapped ribbon around clothes pins and put in balls that had previously been put away. 



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